Simbu’s “Arrranged marriage in 2013”


He’s got those looks and the fame though lady luck has eluded him for a while. After his breakup with Nayanthara, Silambarasan aka Simbu has shifted his focus solely to movies. When it came to matters of the heart he has maintained to be happy being a singleton.

 Well now our eligible bachelor has made up his mind opting for an arranged marriage in 2013. Back from USA working on his passionate LOVE Anthem, Simbu gave out the good news, “I have said yes to my parents !!! Getting married next year … Been saying no for the past 4 years and now I guess I can’t push it any more.” Celebrating his 2 month break from Kollywood in the US, the actor did miss a lot back home. Talking about his dream girl, Simbu says, “I hope to meet a lovely girl and fall in love with her. I want her to be pretty, friendly, trustworthy, a film buff and my mother is on the look out for such a person.”    The actor however was caught up in two minds when he said, “Either I need to fall in love in a year or else mummy sollura ponna katika ok solliten.” Simbu further added, “I hope she likes me for who I am and is emotional in the right way and has a good sense of humor. It’s only these simple things that I am asking.” Busy with his Vettai Mannan shoots Simbu will move on to his Poda Podi sets tomorrow,flying to Macau. We are on the look out for a cute Pondatti for you Simbu, don’t worry.



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