Simbu wants to quit films and to work for society

Simbu wants to quit films

Simbu and his outlandish statements are as popular as the star’s various liaisons with his co-stars and leading heroines. Simbu, who has had two official break-ups with Nayanthara and Hansika, has said that he doesn’t like to star in films nowadays. Simbu’s statements were made during a recent television interview he gave to actress Sangeetha.

“I have been involved in all spheres of film-making and I didn’t plan to know them; it just occurred naturally. I had felt it would have been better had I remained unaware of those things as I could sense something was going wrong but wouldn’t be in a situation to reveal it to the makers. I could only remain helpless, hoping that things won’t go out of control.

“Nowadays, I don’t want to star in films at all; I want to do something beyond films. When I was young, I wanted to become a superstar like Rajinikanth and act in many films. However, life appears to be very different in the late twenties; I don’t want to get caught in a circle called cinema and want to get out of it. I want to do something to the society which would be beneficial to it.

“I hate amassing money as I feel that money pushes humanitarianism out of the window. It makes good men turn evil. The society is disintegrating with feelings of jealousy and I feel money is the reason for this. If I’m asked whether I want to become the next superstar, I would say that I don’t have any such desires. I have no jealousy, competition or anger and am least affected by the failure/success of my films,” said Simbu.



  1. Riya

    U already did good for the society …Quit?! Dude ur already quarantined by the industry n by ur ahem u know who ..

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