Simbu say there is magic when Yuvan is around


On Monday the audio release of Simbu’s forthcoming venture Vaanam took place but one song in particular has been the talk of the town lately as the celebrations continue to swell in .We are talking about the song Evandi unnai pethaan from the film that seems to have caught everyone’s fancy lately.

When Simbu was asked about this he had just a very sweet way of praising his friend for the piece of music he composed for Vaanam,

Hey Simbu what do you have to say about the talk of the town which says Yuvan and Simbu the awesome duo.You know it  is all we hear these days?

“We always get chartbusters with Yuvan, Vaanam is just another example. We still don’t know the exact reason but I am certain there is some magic whenever I collaborate with Yuvan.”

It is not just Simbu who is happy about the experience with his co-stars the original version Vedam featured Anushka who is also in praise of her team she tell us “It is a very fresh team I enjoyed every bit of it.” Sonia Agarwal too was overwhelmed for her comeback stint with the film thanks to the meaty role she will play in the flick.

We wish Vaanam and its team a great ride at the box office, watch out guys.



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