Simbu Pens for Osthi

Simbu Osthi

Actor Simbu is part of the exclusive club containing actors Kamal Haasan, Vikram and Vijay, who can sing their own songs. Simbu’s ‘Loosu Pennae’ in ‘Vallavan’ is still remembered by his fans and the movie-goers. Taking after his illustrious father Vijaya T. Rajendhar who dabbled in all the department of film-making, Simbu has now started penning lyrics in films.

The highly ‘philosophical’ song ‘Evandi Onnai….’ from Simbu’s latest film ‘Vaanam’ was penned by the actor himself. Buoyed on by the popularity of the song, Simbu has decided to brush up his lyric-writing skills, in addition to his penchant for crooning songs.

Youths did like the ‘Evandi….’ Song in Vaanam but it remains to be seen how Simbu would find time to sit down and write lyrics as he is shooting round the clock for more than one film at present. He has reportedly decided to pen all the lyrics in films directed by him in future. Simbu currently has projects like ‘Vettai Mannan’, ‘Poda Podi’ and ‘Osthi’ in various stages of production.

He has recorded his thoughts about the song penned by him in the upcoming film ‘Osthi’, a remake of the Bollywood hit film ‘Dabbang’. “I have penned a song for Osthi which is sung by the husband to please his wife. I’m sure the song would be liked by all sections of the audience,” Simbu has said.

We can’t pass any judgment unless we hear the song!



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