Simbu joins the Deepavali race with Vijay, Suriya and Dhanush

Deepavali Releases

The Deepavali race is hotting up among the actors to release their films on the D-day. Deepavali is a grand festival as far as Tami cinema’s film-makers are concerned as they bend their backs in ensuring that somehow their films make it to the big screen on this particular day. Each year, stars plan their releases accordingly to stay in the Deepavali race.

Vijay’s upcoming Velayudham directed by ‘Jayam’ Raja(a day prior to Deepavali), Suriya’s upcoming film 7aam Arivu directed by A.R. Murugadoss and Dhanush’s upcoming film Mayakkam Enna directed by his elder brother Selvaraghavan have all been confirmed as Deepavali releases. Now, Simbu has also joined the Deepavali race and has said that his upcoming film Osthi would also be releasing on the eve of Deepavali.

Osthi is the Tamil remake of the Bollywood hit film Dabbang which starred Salman Khan in the lead role of a tough, honest cop. Simbu reprises Salman’s role in the Tamil version and has debutant Richa Gangopadhyaya as his heroine; incidentally, Richa is also the heroine of Dhanush-starrer Mayakkam Enna which is also slated to release on the occasion of Deepavali.

Osthi has music by Thaman and also features a sizzling ‘item number’ by Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat, who was last seen in Tamil films in Kamal Haasan’s Dasavatharaam four years back. The song has been sung by Simbu’s father Vijaya T. Rajendhar and L.R. Eswari, the veteran playback singer who has been around in Tamil films for over 50 years now.

Dharani, who is directing Simbu in Osthi, says “The films releasing on Deepavali tend to collect more that 10% of the usual revenue; considering this fact and also the fact that Simbu’s last film Vaanam was a rousing success, we have decided to release the film Osthi on Deepavali.”



  1. prata

    There is no race. Its obvious 7amm arivu will come out on top, because of the wonderful storyline by murgadoss. Followed by velayudham for vijay`s mass, then simbhu for his osthi and dhanush and his sick brother`s lame movie. 

  2. nallavan

    dont worry buddy sure velayudham gonna flop, becaz its remake from telugu old Azaad (crap movie), cant expect 7am arivu becaz murugados gave a flop in telugu with superstar chiranjeevi already.

  3. kumar

    its not an good idea to release d movies on the same day…..all 4 of them are big stars on their own and competing each other is not healthy and its only will effect the movie collection……escpecially for velayhudam and 7am arivu because both film are made in big budget…….cause the audience will spilt into four groups to the movies…..even the people plan to watch other movies too…..there will be only one time watch only cause the ticket price will be higher atleast for a week…..not many can buy the ticket at higher price……it directly will effect the movies revenue…….i hope the producer will properly before release…….one more thing, actually the star are figthing each other to see who is bigger star in tamil nadu…..the theaters are the lab n we are the lab mouse for the stars……

  4. kumar

    one more thing…..rajinikanth has done a cameo in……so most of his fans will to see this movie Ra one to see  they thalaivar even if it is for a second……you know them, they just love him so much………..Ra one going to realease with rajini face this deepavali too……and in tamil and telegu…… guess which movie will win the deepavali race?????????????

  5. vijay aarya jeeva

    7 am arivu murugadoss kaga paaka povanga
    osthi dabaang remake nu paaka povanga
    mayakam enna selvaragahvan kaga paaka povanga
    velayudham vijay kaga matum paaka povanga … so who s on top… its chillax baby

  6. htt

    I wonder what all the producers upto releasing all these movies at the same time. The collection is going to scatter. They shud  release in stages…..
    If one looks at it as business point, its not which movie or which actor is gonna win as all of them have given flops, its better to release one after another so ppl keep coming back to the theater.
    Otherwise  they are going to exhaust their fund and will not be able to watch another movie at the same time…as it is they wud have deepavali expenses!


  7. maran

    osthi is the remake of salman kahn’s daabang. instead watching this ass hole in osthi better watch daabang and you will enjoy the acting of salman and his brother riyaz.

  8. abcd

    ovvoruvanum avan padam thiruttu cd’la oodama theater’la oodanume nu venduthal nadathittu iruppanga … neenga vera eenda ipdiii 🙂

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