Simbu blames Linguswamy

Simbu blames Linguswamy

We had reported yesterday, the young star Simbu is dropped out of Linguswamy’s upcoming project which is produced by Dhayanidhi Azhagiri of cloud nine movies. Now it’s the turn for the actor to explain his version why he was sacked.

Simbu says, “I came to know the news  that I am dropped out of the project and has been replaced by another actor through the media. Definitely the news was a great shock to me as I had promised Dhayanidhi to start the project from September 1st after 15 days of shooting of ‘Poda Podi’. While Dhayanidhi had agreed with me, Linguswamy all of a sudden has made this announcement without my concern.

Actually I waited more than 100 days for Linguswamy, but he neither told me the story nor the dates he wants. Linguswamy who cannot produce the proper script till now has made this hasty decision while Dhayanidhi Azhagiri and I are sharing a good rapport

Meanwhile, Vijay who is said to have replaced Simbu has not made any confirmation on acting in the film.



  1. kalpana

    Hi Simbu!   Dont worry. You have so much of talent and age to go places.  Let not these silly things affect you or your career.  We know that you are the next Kamalhasan; or even more than him.  Every thing is for good. you might get a better chance than this one.  Wishing you all success. 
                                                                     Your well wisher


  2. vinodh

    Dear simbe,

    how could you consider linguswamy as director,do work with good noteworthy people  .Above director cant successes    the big star hero. 

  3. rajjj

    Hi simbu machi..dont worry ya..u have good fututre..machi i told one dont ur a next star.but not a superstar u have choose ur own way..dont follow anyone.

  4. 619

    hi simbu sir i am ur biggest fan. dont worry about these things. just carry on and kepp on doing movies which will be great hits like vinnaithaandi varuvaaya and in the future u will be brilliant 

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