Simbu attends Sonia Agarwals Birthday Party

Simbu at Sonia Agarwal Birthday Party
Simbu at Sonia Agarwal Birthday Party

Actress Sonia Agarwal celebrated her birthday in Chennai on Monday (28th March). The actress, who has been doing her best to bury the bitter past of separation from director Selvaraghavan, treated her close circle of friends including a few actors and directors to a grand birthday party.

Questions are raised in the media ever since the split occurred, casting aspersions on Sonia’s ability to make a successful comeback to the big screen as an actress. Sonia has completed shooting for her first film since the split – for ‘Vaanam’ – and is eagerly awaiting the film’s release.

On Monday, Sonia arranged for a party at an expensive Resort off Chennai in which some actors and actresses close to her including Simbu,her co-star in ‘Kovil’ and the upcoming ‘Vaanam’, Sangeetha, Krish, Abbaass took part.   The actress made it a two-in-one affair saying that the occasion marked her birthday as well as her comeback in films, with her ‘Vaanam’ getting ready to hit the silver screens. The highlight of the evening was that instead of engaging any maid-servants, Sonia herself served the guests.

Sonia Agarwal Birthday Photo

Sonia plays Prakashraj’s wife in the upcoming ‘Vaanam’, her first on-screen appearance in 4 years.

Let’s (belatedly) wish the birthday babe!



  1. owl

    purusan kannu munnadee aduthavana kati pudichitaaleeee… itha enga solla??? sangeetha ur husband is standing on the left side dee antha alavuku you are drunk.

  2. karthi fan

    Abbas aen ippadi kolai veriyoda nikkiraaru? enna sarakku adichayinganne therila!! sarakku adikirathukku munna avanavan  pondatti avanodathaan irunthirukkum,adichu mudichathukkappuram thaan intha kolam ivan pondaatti avankooda avan pondaatti ivankooda karumam da saami.

  3. Vasin

    Aama. Konjom anaagareegama thaan irku Sangeetha Abbas thottukitrikara style! Intha vaati ennale support panna mudiyala namba pombala seyyaratha. 

  4. Vasin

    If I am Sangeetha’s boyfriend once we get back home I would ask her to do 400 sit ups to proove she still loves me.

  5. Thenga Thalaya

    Dey ellarru mudungada… Wife swaping panna ennada Thappu. Pannanum adharku nan support pannuvae, India vilae endha mari matrum varanum. Ore Husband, ore Wife for how many days? Jus think? Come on guys lets change…How s it? Dei Vasin i dint expect dis from u.

  6. Urvashi

    Simbu seems to be getting decent day by day. Might be, Gautam Menon might have taught him polity in public life.Simbu can be the next Kamal Hasan in Tamil in terms of experience.

    Krish does not have an option other than swimming along the tide. If I was Krish, I’d do the same. Krish is a nice guy, good-hearted soul. I like his voice in many songs. He should get a break from ARR.

    Sangeetha, a nice lady too. She was awesome in Pithamagan. Her role was wasted in Manmadhan Ambu.

    Sonia was a fine actress in 7G Rainbow Colony. It’s her hardluck she had to forego her married life. Hope, she will have a soul mate.

    Abbas was a revelation in Kadhal Desam. Not sure, if he knows the truth that there was an “abbas hair cut” when the film was released. Alas! he could not shine more.

    Guys do not swear at people because they do not respond. Cinema is not a joke to be in or to survive. It’s worse than prostitution. So, stop commenting bad about people because they are in show business.

    None likes nonsens in their life. It’s just survival demands certain behaviour. So, nothing wrong in it. If you take your wife for a party where all of you gets drunk, the scene will much worse than these.

    So, chill out as we never know about Tsunami. Life is a one-way ticket; enjoy as long, careful as possible. If JJ comes to power, there could no pubing and partying as she drew us away from the beaches in Chennai during her tenure.

    I wish all of these folks non-alchoholic wake up in the morning.

    NOTE: Be careful about / with your mouth, voice, throat,  sound as it’s what going to take care of your life. Spend more time with composers and singers as you might learn more about musical nuances.

  7. meow

    what an asshole….why don’t u just ask her straight up instead of physically making her do something to prove…idiot.

  8. Vasin

    Also I would just ask not make; she can easily say no and walk out on me. I think you are anotjer Indian girl with a water-tight head. Chumma chandai podratha vida different’a try pannalame! Progress pannave maateengala?

  9. meow

    u think making her do 400 situps will prove your trust and love? what an idiotic thing….if she actually loves you, and physically can’t do 400 situps, u won’t trust her? what the hell???
    if u don’t trust her after all the years of love, that itself is ridiculous, either you chose the wrong girl (your stupidity) or you are just a disgrace to trust and love
    and u don’t even know me, so do not attempt to make false judgments

  10. Vasin

    Hey Idiot don’t babble!  
    I hate arguing. If you settle/solve after an argument there will be a nice time following but it won’t last; the next argument will be even longer and bitter and trust will be dented more. That is what happens between most white couples; even discussions that start nicely would end up as arguments.  
    The sit up idea just occured to me. it looks weird because you would never have thought about it. Even most men can’t do 400 sit ups. But if I go for it my girl would know I have just made a mistake but I still value her. Think; don’t just repeat what people have been saying for 50 years like ‘if u don’t trust her after all these years…’

  11. Vasin

    If I am Krish I will definitely feel jealous; Sangeetha looks like she enjoys the close position with Abbas; would you want me to keep quiet about it? I have to do something about it.

  12. meow

    if u think sangeetha is bad, so is krish….he is having a pretty darn close contact with sonia… come nobody mentioned that??
    if you analyze the picture a little bit more, though it seems like sangeetha’s touching abbas’ shoulders…..if u look carefully, it’s not even touching, she has her hands in front of her hair..kinda like an illusion

    p.s.are you sure you don’t like arguing, coz that’s what you are doing here

  13. Vasin

    Now I don’t argue in real life but I have not tried what I said above so far; I just thought of a different way because arguing never works; if my girl asks me to do it I would do it to clear the air so why can’t she do it? A refined credible way to show respect and love. In Hindu culture also devotees take physical pain to show love to god; I just stylised it. Think.

  14. Vasin

    If you think sit ups is ugly then a 30 minute treadmill run in your gym or similar. Isn’t it a good idea? You girls always react negatively against new ideas; Indian woman also are partly responsible for lack of progress of our culture.

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