Simbu Adamant;Tamannah Confused

Simbhu Tamannah
Simbu Tamannah

It is well-known that Simbu had been dropped out from Linguswamy’s(the Paiya hitmaker) upcoming project after some differences between the two, . Now the film has Arya and Tamannah in the lead which is produced by Dhayanidhi Azhagiri of cloud nine movies. Interestingly, the title of the upcoming Linguswamy-Arya project, which was initially slated to be done by Simbu, is Vettai!

In retaliation to this, Lingu’s newly found young enemy Simbu had selected the name Vettai Mannan for his next film to be directed by Nelson.

Apart from similar rhyming name, Simbu is also adamant about making the ‘hot and happening’  Tamannah his pair in ‘Vettai Mannan’ too .  However Tamannah is said to be in a state of confusion as to whether Linguswamy’s ‘Vettai or Simbu’s ‘Vettai Mannan’ would be hitting the screens first  is reluctant to accept the offer,But Simbu who doesn’t want to  leave no stone unturned has reportedly approached her with an offer of whopper amount.

It may be worth mentioning here that Simbu had already backed out of KV Anand’s ‘KO’ due to the replacement of Tamannah with Karthika, the yesteryear heroine Radha’s daughter.

No one knows how Tamannah enticed Simbu!!!



  1. ravi

    i read in other article simbu walk out from kv anand movie because some misunderstanding between director n simbu ….and than y in this article talking rubish about simbu

  2. Randy

    Hello Simbu is a womenizer and third-rate fellow who would do anything for publicity and to take revenge.

    After breaking up with Super Star’s daughter Aishwarya, he made a film ‘Manmadhan’ , in which she portrayed the heroine’s role as very cheap.

    After breaking up with Nayantara, he published the fotos which they had taken during their intimate relationship.

    Now after being sacked from Linguswamy’s film, he wants to mimick the same title and same heroine..

  3. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    Aroopam……….. Tamanah kaatula ippo nolanchu irrukrathu malai illa suravaliiiiii…………. same thing happend to nayanthara…………… thamanah koodiya sikiram un photosum varumnu ninaikiren…………..

  4. ravi

    i don know whethere simbu is a womenizer or not but…aishwarya n nayanthara both of them is playgirl…..he made manmadhan film because he never get good offer..thats y he made own story… actually simbu never do anything for publicity…people don like him make gossips..

  5. aarad

    guys! for heaven sake its his personal choice to act in a movie or not.. Doesnt necessarily have to be related with actresses,.. even if it, he can hav his own reasons to justify.. its not necessary that he shud be comfortable working with all the actresses in town.. and y do ppl always intrude into his personal life. GOD DAMN he has a life like others too.. Just that he is an actor/Director, he is not devoid of emotions and a life of his own!!! 
    These rumors suck big tym!! GET A LIFE GUYS!!!

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