SIFCC to Boycott Bollywood films in South India

SIFCC to Boycott Bollywood films in South India

The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) has decided to boycott Bollywood films in the south,Opposing the venue chosen for hosting the International Indian Film Awards

Pro-Tamil groups in Tamil Nadu have already asked actors from Bollywood to boycott the June 3-5 event.

C.Kalyan, president of SIFCC informed clearly that if any star or technician from Bollywood attends the IIFA in Colombo, their films will be boycotted by theatres in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka. It is a unanimous decision taken by the members of the chamber as all these years they were highlighting the human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

In a joint statement here, various industry bodies including South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce said that they were not opposing the awards ceremony but were against the event being organised in Sri Lanka, in an apparent reference to the alleged killing of civilian Tamils at the height of the conflict between Sri Lankan army and LTTE last year.

Opposition has been brewing in Tamil Nadu and Tamil filmdom over the choice of this year’s venue for the IIFA, Colombo, with most artistes including icons Kamal Haasan and ace director Mani Ratnam opting out, citing the choice of the venue.

This year’s IIFA will also miss most of the glam quotient including regulars Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The couple is busy promoting Ratnam’s flick Raavan.

Even the event’s brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan’s presence is not confirmed. Superstar Rajnikanth has already declined the invitation to attend the event.



  1. Anonymous

    Apalling! Just shows how divided India as a nation is! I can never understand these Northern twats. Then again why is an Indian film event being staged in a country where the majority speak Sinhala? There seems to be no affinity whatsoever! This all seems to point to something amiss. A deliberate attempt to ire the South Indian audience and marginalise us, nothing more!

  2. Siva

    Tamil nadu must totally boycott Hindi langugae and Hindi Films.
    Or not bothering these issue is like chooosing to kiss the Hindian feet and eating his feaces , the Hindians are joining hand with their fellow indo-aryan brothers who massively killed innocent Tamil civilians, so killer brother shakking hand while the Hindians are showing their arsseee towards the Tamils face

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