Siddu +2 to be re-released

Thaa and Siddu +2 will be re-released
Thaa and Siddu +2 will be re-released

The upcoming season will be filled with the Cricket World Cup, IPL Season 4 and elections making it to the high priority list for a good majority of the public and launching a new film during this period is considered a blunder mistake. But hopeful movie goers can get some relief as there are some films which are planning to re release during this dry period.

Director K. Bhagyaraj son Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj played the lead in Siddu +2 “1st attempt” which hit screens earlier on December 10, 2010.The movie was tagged as a failed attempt for Shanthnoo to make a real comeback. Now the director is planning to re-release the movie soon and hoping his son Shanthanoo passes his “second attempt.”

As we had reported Siddu +2  Ist Attempt(IInd Attempt)  will be joined by Surya Prabhakar ‘ Thaa. The director had reasons such as shortage of theatres and heavy rains to blame for a poor run at the theatres and now will be re-releasing his flick in February. In fact he is making collaborations to get good promotions for his film.

We guess, it won’t be that dry a season for die hard cine fans with directors and producers looking to cash in on the opportunity.



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