Siddharth’s topless act


Actor Siddharth went topless at a hospital, for a change.The actor had to get some scans done for a shoulder injury he suffered a long time ago, since the pain in his muscles had returned.

Says Sid, “Had a shoulder injury from years ago and wanted some attention.Got an MRI and ended up topless in front of 10 women.” The hospital nurse was in his room while he was taking his shirt off and the Sid had no problem obeying her instructions. Things turned a bit embarrassing when she called all her friends in to check out their cute patient – Sid. Back from the hospital he was saddened to hear veteran Malayalam actor Thilakan passed away. Reflecting on one of the offers that had slipped by, he expressed,“Malayalam great Thilakan sir is no more.Grew up watching his brilliant understated performances.Was supposed to do Anwar Rasheeds‘Ustaad hotel’ with him. I couldn’t play the lead in ‘Ustaad hotel’ because of date problems.On hindsight its more fitting that mammooka’s son did it.” Sid has got loads of assignments lined up but doctors have asked him to take at least a one-week rest for his shoulder pain. He maintains being pre occupied till 2014 to take a break.His shoulder still hursts but it’s fine, says the committed actor. Sid,your unwavering commitment might be one more reason, why nurses just drool over you.






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