Siddharth in ‘Putham Puthu Kalai’ tamil movie

Siddharth in ‘Putham Puthu Kalai’ tamil movie

Siddharth got introduced to the cinema world through his Tamil flick ‘Boys’. Now Siddharth is very much a Telugu boy. Siddarth has a numerous number of hits in Telugu to add on to his credit. Siddharth also turned in to a Hindi hero after acting with Amir Khan in the film ‘Rang De Basanthi’. Siddharth doesn’t have time to think about Tamil films.

As our Super star says “the world is round and a person will return to the same spot in his life”. Siddharth is once again to make his mark in Tamil. This flick is planned to be made both in Tamil and Telugu. The Tamil version is titled as ‘Putham Puthu Kalai’. The film is directed by P.Jayanderan. Siddharth shares the screen with two heroines in the film. One of the heroines for the film is Ananth Priya. The hunt is now for the second heroine. The film is expected to hit floor next month.



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