Siddharth apologizes to media

Siddharth clears things up

Actor Siddharth who was recently in trouble after dropping his Macbook Pro had some good news to share as he said that his laptop is back to normal and running fine with no costs incurred. Some while ago Sid had got into a dirty tiff with the media people after he expressed his anger regarding the harsh criticism he received for his last release 180 (Nootrenbadhu).

Even though the movie was appreciated for its visual appeal and slick packaging it was felt that the script fell weak below expected standards from ad filmmaker Jayendra. With the criticism flowing in Sid soon decided to take things in his own hands as he targeted news channels for their irresponsible behavior. One of the comments proved to be really offensive hurting the sentiments of journos and their families. Now that Sid’s new movie with Shruti Haasan titled – Oh My Friend is gearing up for the release the actor has come out in the open offering apologies for the same. Sid said, “I understand that this has upset the journalistic fraternity & their families. As this was not my intention, I wish to apologize to the families of journalists for hurting their sentiments in any way. Thank you.”

Now it has to be seen if Sid and the media fraternity rekindle their friendship, with the upcoming release.



  1. guy

    dont u think there’a a prob wit u smile? spoilers was jus kidding but see how u reply.. pity ur husband (if u have one)..

  2. Smile

    No my husband,family,friends and circles have absolutely no issues with me.It’s only a bunch of KT people who have an issue with me.So now you know who has a problem.Spoilers was rude to me previously.I didn’t like that.So I don’t think I should be replying to my haters.I have decided to ignore them and move on.I am good to people who think I am and bad to those who seem to have a problem with me.After reading this,if people come with all sorts of nasty comments at me,I am not going to reply.

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    @guy, very true she have some mental problem, she should go n c a psychaitrist as soon as possible. Everytime she has a problem with evryone in KT forum. 

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    @Smile uttami…I don’t have problem with all.But yes i do have problem with people who have a problem with me….

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