Shruti Haasan and Siddharth Split

Siddarth Shruti Haasan split

The Telugu press is agog with rumours that Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan and heroine of Tamil and Telugu fulms and Siddharth, one of the leading stars in Tollywood, have officially ‘split’ from each other. Some time back, press reports emanating from Tollywood even said that love-birds Siddharth and Shruti Haasan were in a ‘live-in’ relationship.

The duo starred in a Telugu film some time back. Though the film wasn’t a successfully, they successfully hit it off with each other and fell in love, according to Tollywood reports. It was also said that the duo had been ‘living together’ for the pat few months and it was also mentioned that Shruti’s father Kamal Haasan was very much in the know about what was happening in Hyderabad.

Whenever queried about her reported affair with Siddharth in the past, Shruti had never denied it outrightly. She would always say that it was her ‘personal matter’ and that she won’t like to comment on it. Siddharth, on his part, remained non-committal about the whole ‘affair’, neither confirming nor denying his relationship with Shruti.

As always, no specific comments have been made by Shruti and Siddharth about the reported ‘split’. It is reported in the Telugu press that Shruti apparently didn’t like the dominant and authoritarian attitude of Siddharth and therefore decided to cut her relationship with him.
It may also be recalled that Siddharth is a divorcee.



  1. Ram

    December masam kitta vandhuduchilla, adhan vera thonai theva padudhu pola.  Still I already assumed that the fault was with that guy Siddharth only. He is headweight guy. Shruti made bad decision in choosing him.

  2. june

    coz he was already divorced becoz his previous wife didn’t like his close relationships with girls. Siddharth is just a player, shruthi should be smart enough to steer clear of him

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