Shruti confesses her blindness

Shruti confesses her blindness

The talented musician-actor-singer Shruti Hassan, confessed openly about her handicap, her weak eyesight.

Shruti is seldom seen with spectacles, but it is a fact that she finds difficult to go about without them. She has revealed that she has bad eyesight and is almost blind.

,“I’m almost ninety percent blind without my glasses. I can’t see something that is two cms away from me,” she tweeted. “Usually I never wish people because I don’t see them… and then of course the apologies and the sorrys and the how are yous flow freely.” says Shruthi

Shruti also revealed that she ends up talking to wrong people due to her weak eyesight. She also added to her statement that “Yesterday I wished the wrong person! Also walked into a glass door! Everything was a massive blur… not a nice feeling at all! Long live contacts and glasses.”



  1. rina

    its not a prob at all…..laser operation is there or perhaps she can go 4 contact lenses…….y do she has to walk around with a blur vision

  2. ??

    Rina, not evey laser operation will end successfull. One of my friend had this operation but it didn't end successfully!

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