Shruthi Hassan’s Gucci No More

Shruthi Hassan's Gucci No MoreAccording to sources, Shruthi Hassan is in deep depression all these days. What’s the reason? Is she having a fight with good friend Siddharth?

But according to insiders, the actress is in glum mood these days because her cat Gucci, whom she had rescued as a stray, passed away earlier this week

the actress says “i found gucci covered in tar and garbage i rescued her thinking she wouldn’t make it,but she was a fighter and she was unique.RIP gucci 🙁 R.I.P gucci,my darling,adorable beautiful cat..i will miss you..and i will always love you”



  1. Kamala

    People instead of trusting and loving humans, they start puting their love on animals more than human. What a shame. 

  2. Abirami

    Yes. I too love cats and dogs. But In the North of Sri Lanka more than 20,000 people died in a brutal war. Therewere 1000s who were fans of Sruthi's Father Kamalhassan. Where did her kindness go at that time? Did she even cry for a minute for them? What a big joke?

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