Shriyas views on drinking

Shriya Saran

The legal age for drinking (in Maharashtra) being raised to 25 has had many opinions, with the arrival of internet it has been only easier to voice what you want to say through sites like twitter.

Recently Shriya Saran too joined the brigade and expressed what she felt on the issue, this is straight from her tweet You can get married at 18, cast your vote, go to a professional college. But legal age to drink is 25. How absurd is that.”

Although we are not sure what her intent was but her fans were surely not comfortable with what she had to say,

One of her fans asked, was she advocating the habit of drinking?

Shriya’s reply “I don’t advocate drinking but an individual has the right and maturity to decide for themselves at 18. I was only talking about how a mature young Indian should be allowed to take their decisions. Let’s not discuss it again. I’m sorry. Have a good day”


Thank you for that thought Shriya you have a good day too, so what do you think kollytalkers, is 25 the perfect age?


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