Shriya:Leave me alone to pray at the temple

Shriya Saran on prayer

Sexy and curvaceous Shriya Saran was at the holy abode of Lord Venkateswara at the Tirupathi Tirumala Hills on the other day. The actress had been to the Temple along with her mother to pray at the temple but was mobbed by a big crowd of her fans. She then requested them to ‘leave her alone’ as she had come there only to pray at the Lord’s abode and not to meet them.

Shriya and her mother visited the Tirumala hills a couple of days ago. She worshipped Lord Venkateswara devotedly after taking part in the ‘Suprabath Seva’, which is held in the wee hours of the morning. She then put he offerings at the huge Hundi kept inside the premises and was given the prasadam consisting of the famous ‘Tirpuathi Laddu’.

As news of Shriya’s presence spread among the devotees at a rapid pace, a huge crowd had collected to watch her. Shriya greeted them but much to her dismay, the thrilled fans didn’t appear to be dispersing.

She then told them that it’s part of her annual routine to visit the Temple at least 2 or 3 times every year. “I get extreme peace of mind whenever I visit this place… please don’t disturb me. I have only come to worship the Lord and not to meet my fans,” requested Shriya in an apparent effort not to distract the attention of other devotees!



  1. Smile

    Nallavela pasanga Shriya va verum crowd panradhoda niruthikitanga….vera edhavadhu nadandhirundha??Oh no….Thanks to Venki!

    Hey ulaga adhisayam 8…edhule Shriya full-a cover pannirukanga!

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    Avanga jacket,avanga saree….ennamo pannitu poranga.Vitta saariya jacket-a nu oru patti mandram naduthiduveenga pole…leave it.

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