Shriya Sarans talk impresses IIT students

Shriya Saran
Shriya Saran

Her stunning looks and an hour-glass figure notwithstanding, actress Shriya Saran also has some ‘grey matter’ in her head which has made her ‘guest lecturer’ in many prestigious institutions across the country.  Isnt that what one calls a classic combination of beauty with brains!

Only recently did she give lectures at the India’s premier management college at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and IIT-Madras, Chennai. Her lectures mostly involve techniques in overcoming setbacks and failures and how to go about in reaching the top in one’s chosen profession, with the limited resources available at hand.

Speaking in flawless English, Shriya has won the hearts of many students as fans not only for her looks but for her managerial expertise too. At any given time, she’s able to engage in to a conversation about the success/failures of the film industry besides how to and how not to market a film prior to and after its theatrical release.

Speaking at a recent event, Shriya revealed that she’s  presently starring in her third English film titled ‘Winds of Change’ directed by Deepa Mehta. “I don’t think there’s a whale of a difference between Tamil and English films. The essence is the same. A film’s success, irrespective of the language, depends largely on the director’s handling of the story and the script.”

“It’s the Almighty who decides the fate of a(ny) film at the box-office. More often than not, it so happens that even talented actors don’t become as famous as they should be and end up earning less than they actually deserve. Self-confidence and perseverance are the keys to success and one doesn’t need any ‘godfather’ to succeed in the industry.

A look at the superstars in Bollywood and Kollywood gives one ample proof that it’s talent alone which takes one to the top,”
concludes Shriya, the ‘sexy’ lecturer.

Agreed, Ma’am!



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