Shriya Saran

Shriya Saran’s most unfortunate incident

Shriya SaranShriya Saran, a permanent resident of Mumbai, faced an extremely embarrassing situation when the car in which she was traveling went bust in the middle of the road. The actress was on her way back from the Mumbai Airport to receive some of her friends who were returning from abroad.

Despite her many amazing pluses, the fact of the matter is that Shriya Saran doesn’t have single Tamil film on hand at present except for the Tamil-Kannada bilingual Chandra, which is to hit the screens soon. As such, it was only obvious that the picture-perfect beauty found some time to be with the family and to hang out with her selected group of friends.

Little did Shriya think that her pleasure outing would turn into a nightmare. Even as she was proceeding from the airport after receiving her friends, her car got stuck in one of the arterial roads as one of the tires had burst. As she neither had a substitute tyre on hand nor had anyone helping her out, the stationery car caused a huge traffic jam following which passers-by started hurling abuses at her at will.

Shriya got in touch with her parents and after some time, her father arrived at the scene with a couple of cops who cleared the traffic and then put Shriya at ease. Later, speaking to news-reporters  Shriya termed it as the ‘most unfortunate incident’ in her life and wished it didn’t happen even to her enemies.



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