shriya Saran's car attacked

Shriya Saran’s Car attacked by Telangana Agitators

shriya Saran's car attacked

Shriya Saran claims that her car was attacked by alleged pro Telangana activists today morning. The actress was shooting for an untitled Telugu film at the Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University campus in Rajenderanagar, in Hyderabad.

Shriya states that the Telangana supporters threatened her to say ‘Jai Telangana’ on camera and when she refused they threw stones at her car and stopped her shoot.She said she has never feared for her life so much, anywhere in the world.

Check out for Shriya’s damaged car pictures posted below.

Speaking about the unpleasant situation, she says, “I was shooting for a Telugu film with Sarva in Hyderabad and was getting ready for a scene in my vanity van when I heard a commotion. When I stepped out to enquire, I saw that a huge crowd had gathered outside and was creating a ruckus. They saw me and wanted me to say Jai Telangana. I said it because I was concerned for my safety but they insisted thats I should say it again in front of a camera. When I refused, they started using obscene language and said the entire incident was being covered by a news channel. I lost my cool at that point.”

She added, “later, when I got in my car I saw that both windows were damaged. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt but it happened in broad daylight with police around. I’ve never felt so unsafe anywhere in the world.”

Shriya Saran used micro blogging site Twitter to disclose the incident. She tweets,”How can they break my car, throw stones, stop shoot and threaten me to say Jai Telangala on TV. That to in broad day light, Police staring at all of this! what about freedom? Safety?”
The actor seems to remain safe during the occurrence as she tweets, “Thank god the stone didn’t hit me. Both the windows are broken. Seriously! I’m disgusted I’m born in India and I deserve my freedom and safety is my right!”


Shriya Saran speaks on Telangana Supporters Attack


Police, however, said that they did not have any information with regard to damage of window-panes of a car. Though, they said that after the incident the film unit stopped shooting and left the place. “After hearing about the incident a police team went to the area and dispersed the agitators. The film unit did not inform the police that they were shooting at the campus,” the police officer said, adding they did not book any case in this regard as they haven`t received any complaint.

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  1. David billa

    U must be glad they did not ask u to say that i am a slut u filthy bitch..Disgusted to born in india?ni periya dianava?podi posakatavale.

  2. Smile

    Ok but Thank God they didn’t do anything to her.As usual climax ley than police vandhanunga.She should be gifted to have been born in India,to be an Indian.But of course I understand this chaos just isn’t right.Anyone would have freaked out let alone a lady.Police have to take severe actions against the Telaganas.It’s not cool to scare the wits out of innocent people.

  3. Soola Karuppan

    U talk like this about women also ? shame on u David Kulla…go and eat shit or bang ur head on some wall and get out of this world -shame on u ..u r a shame for the entire mankind .. Shriya Rockz – she had the guts to say what she feels .. India is a shameful place with caste and ill treatment of women ..and u bastards are encouraging this by calling her names – really disgusting

  4. Aravind

    Friends Sherya may be a bitch…….. but wht does the protestors have the right to force her to say something and damaged her car for the refusal…… dont u think its absurd…….

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