Shriya Saran Chikku Bukku release announced faces competition

Shriya and Preetika
Shriya and Preetika

Chikku Bukku is the latest Shriya Saran offering in Kollywood. A long confusion prevailed about the date of release for the movie

finally it is decided that it will hit theatres on December 3, 2010 as decided by Media One Global Entertainment Limited and Majestic Multimedia Limited.

If you have a glance at the  schedule for the next week, precisely four movies are planned for release in the same week.According to statistics it is believed: to achieve a good release, there should not be more than 2 or more films in the same week.Looking at the statistics it seems tough for the movie to really make an impact as it faces competition foremost by movies like such as Raktha Charitra where Surya plays a lead role followed by Kanimozhi, Nandalala .

Chikku Bukku will release with 300 prints on the release date on December 3, 2010.

The filming has been done in places with great landscapes like Austria. The film is directed by Manikandan. Although the director has promised this movie to be a unique experience reportedly it a triangular love story with Preetika (sister of Amrita Rao, Bollywood),Shriya who has been given a makeover in this flick and Arya in the male lead who goes by the character name Arjun in the movie.It has received a β€˜U’ certificate from the Censor Board.

Seems Shriya has adapted to do much conservative roles in this release.

Let’s see what good the makeover hold for Shriya and Preetika.




    We should not compare the two but  Preetika  :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*  i love you

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