Shriya not happy with media

Shriya and Preethika
Shriya and Preethika

Shriya Saran is unhappy with her latest Tamil release Chikku Bhukku and no it has nothing to with the movies collection at the box office, apparently, it is rumored that the actress is fuming over the media reports who have been significantly praising the debutant beauty, Preethika Rao.

Moreover, she is also disappointed with director Manikandan who has highlighted Preethika to an extent and literally reduced Shriya to size zero in the movie ‘Chikku Bukku’. Preethika Rao surely is gaining fan support in Chennai, as it was evident as she was mobbed by youngsters during her visit for the premiere show. In a very similar incident she was also mobbed at the Bangalore premiere too.

We met Preethika to know her point of view she said

“I received 600 friends request on my Facebook account after the release of the film. The biggest compliment I received was from Shriya who told me that she liked my role better than hers and that’s very sweet of her”

Well Shriya isn’t it time to give youngsters their share of credit?



  1. anon

    overall story s gud, no need to talk abt arya’s acting. he performed well. but the minus s shreya & her iritating acting, BGmusic & songs. so im also not happy wth those..

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