Shriya is the fittest:Reema Sen

Reeman Sen

Reema Sen, is smart, sexy and stylish…has had popular hits to her credit. From “Minnale”, “Dhool”, and “Aayairathil Oruvan”,.

Reema who has been a foodie Says Shriya is the fittest of the actress,she says I am not 100 per cent fit. For me fit would be Sriya Saran. But I do follow a routine. I do a lot of cardio. For me exercising is more sporadic. I have made a few lifestyle changes.Seventy per cent food and 30 per cent workout constitutes being fit. And now I feel better than before!

Also the actress who used to avoid function earlier, when asked is recently seen in many function says Earlier I used to even avoid functions, as it involved getting ready and wearing make-up. I never liked the rigmarole of hours of make-up, changing clothes… but with time I am okay with that too. 

Unlike many girls whose grooming include manicures, pedicures and facials,Reema says I’m a spa person. Wherever I go I always indulge in spas.



  1. Awsome reader

    shreya is beautifull. you cant stand rema sen when she dosent have makeup on plus the front hair up!! she looks like a shemale.

    shreya is gorgerous.

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