Shriya escapes from flight crash

Shriya escapes from flight crash

Actress Shriya Saran has been pretty busy these days. Apart from her film career, Shriya is also busy taking part in few social awareness programs.

One such program is Colgate Dental Camp, organized by Colgate Palmolive India Ltd and Indian Dental Association (IDA) in Chennai. Shriya was in the city on Tuesday to flag off the dental camp, but Shriya Saran could not reach the venue on scheduled time. She claimed that her flight suffered a bird-hit, which caused delay.

After an hour of delay, the actress flagged off the dental camp for setting a Guinness World Record for highest number of public dental check-ups in a single day.

Shriya, on her scary experience in the flight while flying from Mumbai to Chennai that day, says, “I had to flag off the camp at 11.30 am and so, took a flight from Mumbai. The flight took off at 6.30 am and within the next five seconds, it landed again. Then, it tried taking off again, but landed within seconds. This kept happening for some time and man, was it scary! Thank God, we were wearing our seat belts. Or else, we would have injured ourselves, what with the turbulence and all. We were all pretty shaken up. We later learnt that a bird got sucked into the plane’s engine, killing itself and the engine.”

She adds, “We are lucky this didn’t happen when we were midflight. It would have been difficult to safely land the flight.” Shriya then took another flight to Chennai and reached the venue just a little after the scheduled time. “I had a genuine reason for turning up a little late. But, I tried my best to reach as early as possible,” she smiles.



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