Shriya: Dancing has shaped my life

Shriya Saran

Not many know that Shriya is an accomplished Kathak dancer. She has a great interest in classical dancing and has been trained under a venerated Kathak Maestro of India, Shovana Narayan.

In fact, when Shriya was 16, her family moved to Delhi because she was passionate to learn kathak from eminent guru, Shobana Narayan. Shriya wanted to be a Kathak dancer but destiny had other plans.

“Dancing has shaped my life and I owe my confidence and honing of my acting skills to Kathak”, says Shriya Saran of Sivaji fame.

“My view towards life and my world-view widened. Since I was dancing a lot and doing many shows, I got more comfortable performing in front of large crowds. So, when I was shooting in front of people around me, I wasn’t scared or shy. I could do it with ease. With this strong base, dancing in movies was never a problem, too. So, Kathak has, in a way, shaped my life.”

“And once I got into acting, I also took up salsa and I’m getting to be quite good at that too,” the actress says.

“It’s nice when actors do stuff other than acting”, Shriya says it helps to take up a hobby and excel in it.. “It’s a great way to beat stress, especially after long hours on the sets. So when you come home you definitely need something to soothe you,” she adds further.



  1. usha

    u guys shld go and watch the climax or rather the so-called ending of “The Other End of the Line” on youtube!! i was so disappointed with shreya!! i know there’re lip-lock scenes here and there in indian films, but tat was a bit too much!!

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