Shriya and her fake blood

Shriya giving you a tease
Shriya giving you a tease

Well Shriya Saran does set pulses racing with her onscreen presence but lately we are seeing the prankster in her. Remember the Chikku Bhukku helicopter incident where she scared the daylights out of her co star Preetika Rao.

The slick actress has now stepped up her act. She had a “bloody” experience to share while shooting for the Jeeva flick Rowthiram. Incidentally the actress had got her face covered with some fake blood. Unknowingly or rather knowingly she walked right into the hotel room only to receive terrified stares from worried onlookers.

She was quoted saying, “When I walked into my lobby the foreigners were totally confused to shout or make a run for their lives. Well they didn’t know it was fake blood.”

Shriya reportedly loved her so called “in between shoot moments.”



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