Shazahn Padamsee – Shradda Das involved in catfight

Padamsee - Shradda Das Cat Fight
Shazahn Padamsee - Shradda Das Cat Fight

Bollywood actresses have been known for their cat fights for a while but look what Southern cine industry is also facing after  their new import Shazahn Padamsee (Kanimozhi) and Shraddha Das.

In Hyderabad on Sunday, the beauties without brains locked horns at a promotional event over a make-up man.

Both the actresses had to share one make-up man. For their interviews, every time Shazahn and Shraddha went to their respective rooms to change.Whenever the make-up man was with Shraddha, Shazahn would scream for him and vice versa. When contacted, Shazahn’s said , “I normally take my own make-up man but the production house asked us to share one on this tour. I was fine with it but Shraddha should have been more professional about it. Because of her tantrums, there was unnecessary tension.”

Shraddha was quick to bounce the ball back, “She has a habit of throwing tantrums. She comes from a good and a strong background unlike me and she used that to her advantage. She kept the make-up man to herself for the longest time and I was doing my own hair in the hotel’s loo.”

How ironical for the make up man to be involved in such a case.

We hope the ladies resolve and ‘make up’ soon.



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