Shankars Next Biggie – 3 Idiots Remake

3 Idiots Remake - Vijay-Jeeva-Siddarth-Sathyaraj

Director Shankar’s next biggie after his magnum opus Endhiran will be the remake of the Hindi blockbuster 3 Idiots.

Super Star Rajinikanth – Aishwarya Rai starred ‘Endhiran’, directed by Shankar has carved a name for itself in the history of tamil cinema by generating enormous amount of income at the box office.

Shankar has had a hectic schedule over the past couple of years with Endhiran in the making and now following the tremendous success of ‘Endhiran’, he is ready to pack his bags to travel to some foreign country along with family. 3 Idiots will commence soon after Shankar returns from his vacation.

The stars for the film have been finalized after many speculations from media and the pre-production work has already started.

Actor Vijay will be donning the role made memorable by Aamir Khan in the original. Also Shankar has finalized with  Jeeva while  Siddharth/Arya  will play the other rile. In the Telugu version Vijay will be replaced by Mahesh Babu, sources report. Sathyaraj is expected to play the professor role in the film.

Shankar is a man of perfection and a director par excellence. Beginning from his debut film “Gentleman” (1993) to his latest release “Robot”, his films have a common thread. He has the capacity to embellish his work with the perfect finish and splendor.His films always impart a message and each time the budget of his film gets more phenomenal. His technical wizardry takes him much ahead of his contemporaries.This is best seen in his latest release “Endhiran – The Robot”.

But by moving to  remake scripts will Shankar hold on to his current fame .



  1. Billa

    Mr.Narendran…keta vaarth elaarkum teriyum summa vetti scen podama..pulaingala padika vainga kappi thanama pesikitu…

  2. sami

    shankar why this dangerous test with vijay do select somone other than vijay/if you want vijay then insure your money .ha ha.vijay rocks

  3. Ajith haters club...

    Nalla vela ajitha podala potturindha bae bae nu muzhichitu irundhuru paan……
    vijay gonna rockzzzz…..

  4. 25


  5. Pearl

    Please do not spoil the elegant role of Aamir Khan with a mass hero Vijay. The role is just not only about joke, it is elegance and intelligence involved in it, i have watched 3 idiots ample amount of time, i know it is sensible to remake in other languages to deliver the beautiful message but having Vijay in the main role will spoil it completely. Sorry vijay fans – i accept he is a good dancer and actor that does not mean he can do this role to the level of Aamir khan. I personally can not think of anyone replacing Aamir’s role. It would be nice if Madhavan place his role in tamil as well. 

  6. arun

    pls shankar sir choose a person other than vijay who ever it may be even new face.  then it would be great.  otherwise he would change your image bcos the film result wil bel utter flop.

  7. Rajeev

    Dear Shankar sir,
    Thanks for the update…
    My suggestion, please use Jeeva/Maddy, Surya & Vikram….
    People who can live upto the expectation of the Movie…
    Aamir ji has acted Exceptionally, please consider someone Else for Vijay… Its a Humble request…
    Thank you sir.
    All the very best !!!!!!!
    Take care.

  8. vijay fan

    Raja unga ajith kuda remake panuraru but remake panura padam kuda flop thaan da

    eg kreedam aegan etc

    raja sir neinga sutha mudunga

  9. vijay fan

    Ajith thaan da whit pig

    Thalapathy smart and cute da porambokku

    first u c ajith and vijay in straight and tell the result da tharuthala fand

  10. vijay fan

    suriya lam oru manusan pota paiyan

    yarume padam release panathapa

    avan padam release panuvan da

    u can tell one film suriya will release and hit with others film

  11. fan

    Vijay the mass da

    VIjay and shankar super pair

    going rocks da

    porama pudicha ajitha fans sutha muditu velya parunga

  12. aarad

    Its high time vijay quits acting.. he has this stereotype roles which ppl are already sick and tired of watching.. not a single hit or a change in his role for the past few yrs. And in the first place, remaking such a wonderful film 3 idiots is a bad idea.. and on top to worsen it, Vijay in amir khans role is just not happening.. Wat do v expect from the movie?? Series of mugged up dialogues, useless fight scenes (vj doesn hav a well build body to be proud of)…
    Y wud shankar even take a chance with this hero!!! May be he thinks he needs a brk with the series of hits he is giving!!!

  13. vijay oru mokka moonju

    hey moodu d….ahma rombaaa porama engalukulam chiii pothitu pongadaaaa idhuvum flop dha da vekkam ketta moodevingalaaaaaaaaaa

  14. shree

    hey mr.25 really idhu true ah enala nambave muddle pa…. can u tell more about him… i like him but idha pathiii nary peru solranga nan nambalaa..can u giv me any site link which is about him pl will u

  15. JJ

    oh my god… vijay is a wrong selection… he is nothing compared to amir khan.. at least he must be choosen surya. it would be better… hopefully 3idiots dunt be a first flop for shankar… all the best shankar!

  16. tamilan

    shankar had given 10 hit movie continue. now he is going to give mega flop by doing vith vijay…
    Sankar plssssss wake up. don’t do with vijay. now days vijay only had given 6 film continue flop… even new heros film are mage hit…
    sankar wake up!!! NALLA MAATTUKKU ORU SOODU!!!!

  17. gopeezere

    god help shankar…. how come he can think of ass holes for such a movie… that too acted by aamir khan… wht a shame…  fucked up vijai.. is fucking the whole tamil industry…

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