Shankar worried with Suryas demands

Moovar cast
Moovar cast

After Gemini Film Circuit officially confirmed that they have parted ways with Vijay on very amicable terms. Wasting no more time Shankar immediately asked Surya to act in his remake of 3 Idiots, there was  a brief moment of  relief for Shankar as Surya was only happy for getting this opportunity but it wasn’t for long when Surya brought forward two of his conditions which must be fulfilled. One is that he cannot immediately give the call sheet and the next is that he wanted to do the lead role in the Telugu version also.

Shankar was little shocked at hearing this. Definitely Surya is eyeballing for a wider fan base in Telugu film industry as his dubbed films released there earlier have been great hits.

One thing is for sure Gemini Labs who have already signed Mahesh Babu for this role by paying him a huge advance are in major trouble now, if Shankar decides to go ahead with Surya which seems unlikely as Mahesh Babu is a huge star in Andhra.

Apart from the unconfirmed entry Surya, it is Srikanth and Jeeva who have been finalized for the remake of 3 Idiots.

Jeeva’s fans over the days have been thronging him to get updates about the cast in the remake of 3 Idiots through social networking sites.

Surprisingly, Jeeva has not spoken anything much regarding the movie 3 Idiots.Finally Jeeva mentioned that he has no idea whatsoever about the project.

He too was not sure about Vijay’s role in the flick and reassured that he will come up with more updates on the movie as soon as possible and is happy that the shooting for Ko is over.

We got updates that Jeeva is just back in the city after wrapping up his shoot for Ko, he has already begun started shooting for Rowthiram.

“I came back from Puducherry and started shooting for Rowthiram the same day,” said Jeeva.

“It was great fun shooting for Ko. The last schedule was in Puducherry, where we shot a part of a song. Interestingly, we were filming all over Tamil Nadu for this song. So, on the last day, after wrapping up the shoot, we all had a small get-together. The entire cast and crew spent the night talking about our experiences working on the film. Jagan, who plays an important role in the film, was busy playing pranks on us all. I also imitated KV Anand sir and he was totally cool with it. It was real fun,” he said.

As for the only actress in the move everyone is just hoping that Ileana stays out from this mess. The poor girl is expecting a comeback into Tamil films with this one.

Director Shankar it seems the sun refuses to brighten up your days for the moment. Industry insiders also mentioned Shankar is struggling for scripts after the demise of close collaborator and veteran writer Sujatha responsible for the screenplays and scripts in his movies and sadly this is the reason he has resorted to making remakes.

That pretty much summarizes the status of the movie as of now. Keep coming back for more updates on the ‘Moovar’. We will be the first ones to tell you about the final casting for 3 Idiots though. Don’t you think Shankar should move on consider the movie as a bad page in life and drop this project for now at least?



  1. surya is SORRIYA

    intha paratheysi payaluku evlo thairiyam. best drop the project shankar its good for u.  
    surya nandri ketta naye. kandippa ithukku nee oru naal anubavippa da poriki nasama poravanae

  2. aravind

    hmmmm surya is a good choice in tamil but donno much abt telugu….may be if the script is strong enough he could act in telegu also…remember the sucess of Ghajini in telegu…….every actor has their own agendas……somebody called surya as nandri ketta nayae… shankar has choose surya only after his success and also he is not the first choice…so if u run behind somebody then have to go with their terms…

  3. ree

    ignore surya,ignore,ignore. If vikram thinks he can do this Job perfectly..hey guys don’t compare surya to amir Khan because the both are short, look amir khan’s perfomance in the movie surly vikram is right choice…surya is not sutibal for that soft and good inteligent charecter, He is suitable for rough characters and roudy student character like chillu nu oru kadhal..

  4. tamilan

    first vijay eduthadukku reasone dates than, suryava ketta avaru 2 condition sankarke poduvaram athula onnu dates reasonam , badu ivaru oru actorthan irukka madhiri, other one is ivarukku telugulayum act pannanumam, mahesh babu yarunnu theriyuma, ivan ennamo ippa vadhukkittu overa seen poduraru, podanga ……………..

  5. san33

    I think shanker shud carry on with this movie.. its upto shanker.. whthr to give surya chance in telgu or nt…. opportunity comes only once so that’s wt surya is doing for his fame n money… but shanker is a very gd director.. he will be the one who cud remake  such a movie at its best in both versions without spoiling it,, mite b as above ppl said, arya is definetly gud choice.. but nt for amir role mite b for maddy’s role… but if surya acts in this movie for amir’s role… defiently avan kaatla mazhai dhan .. bcos he knws wt to do with the char and will even win best actor awrd for this movie.. 

  6. Vasin

    Short’a? Ennada olarre? He is agile. Agility is what really counts. Onniya mathri maanga idea irakarathala than India’ku 20 gold China’ku 200 gold Asian games. Mothalla onniya maathri maanga ellarayum jail’a podanum.

  7. aravind

    Vikram may look pretty old for that character though he is very much talented….but arya is a bad choice bcas he wont give life to a character……whtever may be the situation he would be cold as stone….he might kill the life in Aamir khans character

  8. Hello


    The updates can keep on changing.. For example Even Vijay had earlier said that he was happy being an actor… That was published in all websites…

    But this website only had published the news that his father will be meeting Jayalalitha seeking support…No other sites had published the news…

    However the news became very true….

    I think you have only got amnesia…Because you were saying you stopped visiting long back..But how did you about the news some times a week back…

  9. Hello

    Edhukku reply panninnaa.. nee enna mayirukku varamatten varamatten sollittu. varaa 

    “if i were the admin un commentaa delete panrippen da  muttal, amnesia patient, naan sonnadhu indha site dhaan official first publish pannadhu Vijay father meeting Jayalalitha. nee endha site karenoo”

  10. venkat

    3 idiots nalla padam. adha dub pannareanu kathaya nasam pannatheenga. enna mukkunalum hindi versiona adhichika mudiyathuuuuu….best pesama irukarathu than… no body can go well with Amir khans character…..DROP THE PROJECT……….

  11. Vasin

    Oniya kooda school’la admit panni irkangale!!! Chennai Kuppathla thaan onga paramparaye vaalnthitu varanga polriku. Kaatan!!!

  12. guy

    hey mr.hello.. wat the f**k official news?? there’s no such thing as official news online.. all websites jus copy from one another.. and no websites publish all the fake news published by this website.. sorry i only came back here to reply to a moron like u..

  13. oru payan

    mR. Hello…yen sir ippadi katha adikiranga…intha website aarambicha kalathula irunthu na pathitu than irrukan…ivanga yentha storiyum first publish pannathey kidayathu…ithula vara most stories, appadiaye copie pasted from other major sites like behindwoods and indiaglitz….antha website la spelling mistake iruntha kuda, atha correct pannama appadiyae ivan paste pannuvanga…

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