Shankar on Endhiran Assets


Ask Shankar Where did the inspiration for Endhiran come from? “From within me,” he says.  But when we say we have heard of many stories of Robot prior, he replies: “I’ve worked hard on every shot so that it doesn’t bear even an tiny of resemblance to anything you’ve ever watched before.”

Shankar’s work has harvested applauds from Hollywood technicians, who have worked on the visual effects of Endhiran. “The line is so original,” they had chorused.

Is Endhiran’s 180 Crore budget keeping you tensed.
Not at all, because I know it’ll fetch the investment and more. If you have a fresh subject, a saleable cast and entertaining features in good measure, and top it with a small message, you cannot miss to hit the bull’s eye. Credit should go to producer Kalanidhi Maran; the confidence he has reposed in me is remarkable. Also, Endhiran will transcend language barriers,” says the director the maker. The film, which will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, is also being subtitled in English.

What about Aishwarya
Surely, Aishwarya Rai is a significant part of the ‘E’ factor. And, she is as dedicated and hardworking as a hero,” says Shankar. The storehouse of talent and beauty has come a long way as an actor since the days of Jeans, her first film with Shankar. “She needed to be taught things then,” remembers Shankar. “But now, she’s a veteran who performs on cue. And, it’s superfluous to talk about her mesmerising screen presence.

Tell us more about your Endhiran Assets
Moving on to another asset of Endhiran, composer A.R. Rahman, Shankar says with a smile: “Our  association goes back to my debut, Gentleman.We share a perfect rapport. Our understanding is so good that just looking at me he knows whether I like a tune or want something more.

The imposing list of technicians are Camera man Randy( Ratnavelu), late writer Sujatha and art director Sabu Cyril. “Sabu has come up with some splendid creations in the form of futuristic sets and robotic labs,” he says. Shankar cannot forget Sujatha’s contribution either. “Being well-versed in the subject, his inputs for Endhiran have been incredible.” After Sujatha passed away, Shankar and Karky took over and completed the rest of the dialogue.

Endhiran will be a stunning visual experience … I hope,” he concludes, Shankar is definitely with high confidence.



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    sam hai hi hai hi 
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  2. kalavani

    this guy has some talent but heavily over-rated….. .. this guy has smashed a brand new BMW 7 series  for this movie  which was one crore… he is nuts……

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    watever u guys say, he's earning much more than each of u here and of cos he's successful then all of u guys.. instead of praising some1 dun waste ur time criticising them!! as if it's gonna make a difference to him!!

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    He surely rocks hats off Shankar sir keep giving movies like this and make the Tamil cinema to develope better than hollywood range…:)

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