Director Shankar

Shankar: No more remake films for me

Director Shankar

Shankar’s latest directorial venture Nanban has been the only ‘remake’ film he has ever attempted in his almost two-decade long stint as a director and producer. Though initially billed as a record-breaking film, the euphoria has died down as the film has recorded a dip in collections in recent weeks. Trade industry predicts that it would end up as a hit film but not a super-duper hit.

Though Nanban has been doing well in urban centres, it’s found wanting in rural centres. Shankar is usually known to make films for classes and masse and his films had never been categorized as for classes and masses. Nanban was Shankar’s film soon after he made the record-breaking Enthiran: The Robot which did very well across the country and throughout the globe.

The Telugu-dubbed version of Nanban has drawn flak and has been facing negative criticisms. The Telugu audience who have seen the original Hindi version of 3 Idiots and enjoyed it unlike their Tamil counterparts, didn’t find anything novel in Shankar’s film. Apparently not satisfied with the film’s result, Shankar has moved on and has been thinking about what would have to be his next venture.

In a recent interview, Shankar had said “Nanban was remade without making any changes in the original script. I tried my best to show Vijay differently from many of his earlier films. I got mixed reactions to the film, the making of which gave me a never-before experience. Even Rajkumar Hirani, the original script writer of the film, said that the Tamil version was nice.

“However, I’d never be making remake versions in future. As such, Nanban would have to be my first and last remake film in my career. My recent production ventures haven’t fared well at the box-office, resulting in loss to me. I’m slowly recovering from them and would be revealing about my next film in March or April,” he concluded.


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