Shankar Awarded Indian of the year-Entertainment Video

Shankar CNN-IBN Indian of the Year
Shankar CNN-IBN Indian of the Year

Direct Shankar has been conferred the CNN-IBNIndian of the Year 2010′ in Entertainment Category at New Delhi. Shankar bagged the top spot for his film ‘Endhiran’ that earned a whopping Rs 250 crore at the box office.

CNN-IBN gives away annual awards in various fields including politics, films, public life and sports by selecting those who have made considerable contribution for the development of their respective fields and conferring on them the ‘Best Indian’ award.

For this year, a host of high-profile VVIPs including Rajnikanth, Aamir Khan, director  Shankar, Salman Khan and Vikramaditya Motwani were nominated for the coveted award in the entertainment category. The selection of the awardees was made based on the votes of the viewers received through SMS and by a jury comprising eminent personalities from
all walks of life.

Shankar, who beat others in his category to bag the coveted award, has been conferred the award at a function held at New Delhi on 22nd December 2010.

Well done Shankar, you have made us proud and we offer our best wishes for your bright future.

Shankar received CNN IBN Indian of the year Video



  1. Truth

    Kudos to you Shankar !!!! Have been your fan right from Gentleman days !!!…..You really deserve this award !!!  Understanding the pulse of the audience and satisfying all kinds of audience (be it city or village) is not an easy task. !!! Proud to be a tamilian and indian.

  2. Vasin

    Unimpressive Shanker. Weak Voice. Poor Style in Suit. Athenna kumbudu podrathu audience’ku suit’la ninnukittu. Obama maathri alaga kayya osathi wave pannanum. Ipdi oru arakora aala Indian of the Year’nu sonna Indians engala epdi mathipanga.

  3. nayantara

    dei vasin read this from the article: The selection of the awardees was made based on the votes of the viewers received through SMS and by a jury comprising eminent personalities from all walks of life.  
    so r u tryin to say all those who voted for shankar are stupid? i think u had a depressed childhood!

  4. G

    vasin please kill yourself, u are egocentric moron, you have attitde problem; you have A.D.D problem,go and counsel psychiatrist. 

    This world is made up of mediocre people not everyone is highly educated and rich like you. Since you are brought up in a developed country or living there , dont comment on people living in India.

    I think you should be a refugee, you cant live in your own country.

  5. KK

    Its Nice to see One TAMIZHAN selected as Indian of the year.

    But i am skeptical on this for following reasons:-

    Shankar has multiplied Kalanidi Maran’s Investment for ROBO. So, in return  kalanidhi is doing this kind of Favour to Shankar.

    Except the mega budget, this film doesn’t deserve any special awards.

  6. Vasin

    Hey @G

    Neenga pesarathu thappu; romba thappu. Naan mela elthi irukarathila pelai irka’nu sollunga. Ethuku enniya personal’a attack pannareenga?

    Now I am not talking about this world; I am talking about Thamil Naadu. The idea of mediocrity is just an excuse. The idea of Talent is an other folly. I ignore both. Everyone can be good at something. I usually intervene here when the ideas of Discipline, Hard Work, Ambition, Good taste, Flexibity of Mind, Goodness of Mind etc are forgotten or ignored. Shanker looks completely at odds with the idea of Good Taste above there.

    How is the celebrations going on in Chennai? Indian Cricketers have made us proud.

  7. Vasin

    Oh No. Shanker must be a good Director. Naan onnu rendu padam paarthiruken. I mean avaroda padam. Nichayama he is above average. Aana oru padatha mulusa nalla pannama sothapra tendency iruku Kamal pola because they over-reach to areas they can’t handle or they don’t have enough time to handle. Sivaji’la Rajnik sotta’ya vanthathu enaku pidikala. Going by the admiration he received for Enthiran I think he deserves the award. I just want our people to take more care in presenting themselves well when public is watching. India is a high profile nation now. The whole world is watching us. Don’t forget that.

  8. G

    How dare you can say ARA kORA ? atha  solradhuku nee yaaru?Wht u hav achieved in your life?
    Dont compare Shankar to Obama. Vanakam solradhu than Indian culture. You may forget your roots,but dont expect everyone to be like you.

    Look at him man, he is not so good educated like you. But still he has reached great heights. I bet you can never reach the position in your concerned profession that shankar has reached in his life. (REASON: Simple attitude problem)

    If u want to be personality & etiquette trainer. Please take it as a profession,rather commenting here.

    I have seen ur comments for the 2 idli vadai short film, Again i am telling , you have attitude problem.Sitting here in Europe/US and commenting is easy,but please visit there and find out the condition prevailing there by urself.

    You are talking about internet/ broadband and benchmark against Developed countries etc,.
    But do you know  the condition in India? Still power cuts in cities like chennai itself is a common thing , then what about tier 2 & 3 cities  and villages. Then go for Internet etc,

    With the sky rocketing prices of essential commodities (Petrol/Onion price is costlier than your place) and corruption everywhere ,still people lead their life peacefully.

    But you living a posh life with social security and all established infrastructure commenting on common people in India is intolerable. Here no one wants your doctrine ,what you believe ,your values etc,.

    Are you a school kid ? Sivaji padathula rajini mottai thalaiya varadhu characterization, atha kooda purichuka mudiyama,loosu maari pesra. If u dont like leave it, Just because rajini is not portyaed ,the way you expected doesn’t make Shankar a avearage director. You are afterall just an audience. Unakagalam padam eduka maatanga.

    If you dislike something express in a subtle way.Dont hurt others, Is this the way you have been brought up? I pity on you , you are living a miserable life then.

    I know  i have wasted 15 mts of time in typing this, but it is needed. I have been watching your rubbish comments everywhere.

    PS: Dont find spelling mistakes or punctuation errors here.

  9. Vasin

    Hey @G

    Ennappa achieve achieve nu polambureenga? Oru chinna saatharan velayoda oruthan alaga vaalnthukalam. Neenga achieve panna pannalena enakenna? Naan achieve panna pannalena ongalukenna? Mugyamanthu evolution. Illena koranga irnthirukalame. Ethuku civilisation’nu solli thodanginanga? Constant evolution thaan humanity’oda goal. Individuals, Families, Societities and Countries compete pannarathum athla thaan so win pannarathum loose pannarathum athla thaan. Style’um evolution’um kittathatte onnu thaan.

    Now don’t bring finance and infrastructure into everything you debate for. Just watch how a businessman runs his family and how a guy with a simple stable job – say a pachayappa lecturer – runs his family. Although the lecturer wouldn’t have enough to spend he would probably provide a more evolved life for his family. That is what exactly I am talking about. The Style. The Evolution.

    Purinjukama ennenamo pesikittu poreenga! Personal attack vera!

  10. G

    I have no rights in ur business,u do watever , who cares.Its only personal attack. 

    What is style for you need not to be the standard for world. May be his attire at that function is outdated. But how could you tell that he is arakora? He is not an actor or bollwood celebrity to look after his image. 

    He has dressed according to the occasion, he didnt came is dhoti and shirt, he is dressed up in suit.
    The problem is he didnt wear the suit which MR VASIN like !!!!!!

    You read your comments again ,what you have said in the first Unimpressive, weak voice, for that only i am writing this post.

    Everyone know about the evolution and existence, you need not preach us, what is the essence of life.

    I didnt brought finance ,infrastructure wantedly, its because of your previous comments somewhere else. 
    No one takes perfect film close to reality. What you comment on short film is absurd. Why discriminate tamils,mallus etc,. If you are an Indian ,you will have social tolerance on state issues,wherehas u dont have.

  11. Vasin


    Enna pesareenga? Epdi solluveenga dhoti shirt antha occassion’ku suitable illenu? Everyone knows about evolution and style’a? Another crazy statement. Thamil Nadu Chief minister opportunity engratha pathi enna nenekrar’nu neenga nenekreenga? Ennathu? Finance’a neenga knodutu varaliya arguement’la? Poi solreenga? Ongalodathu mattum illa many of you athan thaan thooki munnala poduvange ella arguemnts’leyum. 2 vada 2 idly pathi inga ethuku pesareenga?

    You are out of your depths now. Go; have your dinner mate.

  12. Senthil

    Dai  cozhumbo vasin… mutta payale..armin kitta pesitaya??vera aall kediakala.poda ..po madura munnaima va kalyanam panikko nalla choice….

  13. Attention! Be careful!

    vasin oru 9 (Aravaani) and also mentally disorder aravaani. vasin nee already ultimatetamil website la otha mutta vangitu ponathu nyabagam illaya.. intha vasin pala name la website la vanthu irukku like kavya, Jasmine etc etc….. unakku mathavanga podra comment la appadi enna gandu. unna vida nalla comment podranganu eriyutha. inimae ellathayum pothikittu iru…potha mudilana..un kuda irukura vera oru arvaaniya potha sollu baadu… unnala matha aravaanikum ketta peru…

  14. asdf

    Humans have NOT evolved from monkeys…they both have common ancestors, that’s all….goshhh, it’s ridiculous how people still believe that myth!

  15. asdf

    oh vasin, u have watched 2 films of shankar and that too endhiran and sivaji…no wonder ur saying all this…please go watch mudhalvan, jeans, indian, gentlemen….and take a look at the films he produced….i can clearly see that you are still in kindergarten with tamil movies, so chill dude, no need to go overboard with your comments…first catch up on the movies and then give out the opinions, that way it’s more realistic.

  16. asdf

    and no need to underestimate ourselves….kumbudu podrathu thappe illa…isn’t it part of our identity? he recieved “INDIAN of the year” for heaven sakes… have u watched ARR receiving golden globe award? in front of the whole foreign audiences, he says “ella pugazhum iraivanukke” now that is patriotism…i think one has to be proud when people from our country expresses our culture.. it’s really sweet! and a couple of my foreign friends have seen it, they don’t think it’s stupid or whatever, when i told them the meaning, they thought it was very sweet of him to say that. we are simply underestimating ourselves, and that is all. u know what they teach in foreign countries in school???? to celebrate their own identity. it’s so unfortunate that we are the biggest enemy to ourselves.

  17. Vasin

    It is just like Thamilar and Malayalees evolved from the common ancestors Thamilar.

    If you ask a decent foreigner ‘Do I look OK’ he wouldn’t say ‘You look awful’. If you are honest you would understand we are much much less cultured than Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Chinese. We might be slightly better than countires like Pakistan and Arab States.

  18. Vasin


    I think we are not really resolved and we are not honest. If you are not resolved and honest to yourself you never become a specialist and it is why we are a seriously half baked race.

    Blacks firmly believed in strong physique and they are the strongest race today. Chinese firmly believed in practise and hardwork and they are a very productive race today. West’s thinking is said to have originated from greek thinking and they believe in being rational and became a naturally disciplined law abiding society.

    Indians’ natural instinct to be dignified, ability to think and stand for themselves rationally and physical strength were killed by Hinduism, Bhuddism and Zainism thousands of years ago by ideas like ‘thuravu’, ‘heroism’,  ‘Vegetarianism’ etc. Other societies too had religions they were relatively strong to say no when required.

    Now we are recovering after India took to capitalism but still we are slow because of false pride. When there was a railway strike in London a few years ago I saw one of our guys was saying like ‘In India train service lacks punctuality.Now it is the case here too’. What dishonesty! He tries to equate India with UK which is at least 100 to 200 years in front in terms of evolution. We have to first close the gap before talking.

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