Shammu plays tribal girl in Paalai


Newcomer Senthamizhan is silently but surely making the film titled ‘Paalai’. The film stars our own Shammu (remember her in ‘Maathi Yosi’ and ‘Kanjivaram’?) as the female lead opposite newcomer Sunil, who plays a Tribal man Valan in the film. “The film will be about the lives and times of the people who existed more than 3,000 years ago,” informs Senthamizhan.

“The war sequences have come out really well. The equipments for the war like bow, arrow, trident and javelin were manufactured exclusively to the characters in the film. The film would have equal doses of romance, action and valour displayed by the people of the olden days.

“We are sure the story, shown to be occurring some 3,000 years back, would be an unique experience for the viewers. Men and women from the nearby Irular community have been roped into give a ‘realistic look’ to the story and the characters. The film would be about the clashes of ego and interest between two Tribal groups and dwells deep into the origin of the problems and how it gets sorted out,” says Senthamizhan.

“Huge sets were erected in and around Thanjavur which was looked at in awe by the people residing nearby. The shooting has been held mostly in forest areas where the modern tradition hasn’t crept in,” concludes the director. Abi Nandan would be the cinematographer while Ved Shankar would be the debutant music director.


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