Shamili to setup a fashion store in Chennai


Thala Ajith’s sister in law Shamili became a familiar face on the silver screen after her memorable performance in the 1990 film Anjali. Don’t you remember the cutest girl from the movie? Back then Shamili impressed many with her acting talent. It led her fondly been referred as Baby Shamili.The girl has grown up now and has a career choice to make.

As a student of Visual Communication in college she found an interest in fashion designing. Soon she was in Singapore. There she invested much of her time learning about the latest trends and absorbing the details of the trade. Back to Chennai after a course in fashion designing her dream at the moment is to setup a fashion store in the heart of the city.

Thala these days is hunting for some space. The actor is considereing a nice location in T Nagar for her. He is waiting for sometime in between his busy schedules to spend with his near and dear ones and finalize the details.

A close friend of Shamili tells us that she will see her dream come true soon before the year ends. That would be a pleasant surprise for Christmas . Our best wishes for your creative pursuits girl. We are looking forward to a gala event on the day of inauguration. Best of luck.


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