Shakeela plays Fake Saint in Sex Scandal Movie Aasami


Actress Shakeela plays the role of a ‘fake’ saint in an upcoming film titled ‘Aasami’. The story of the movie Aasami is about the Kanchipuram priest sex scandal hat had recently happened at Kanchipuram shocking everyone.

The actress’ career has come a full circle, which is full of excruciatingly painful personal developments. After starting off in Tamil films as a comedienne in the late-eighties, Shakeela moved to Malayalam films where she became the ‘unofficial queen of Indian soft-porn movies’.

At one time, her popularity rivaled that of even established stars like Mammootty and Mohanlal. Now that she is well past the age of ‘exposing’ in films for survival, Shakeela has made a comeback to Tamil films, taking on the role of comedienne and has reached the same place from where she started her career.

Director Andal Ramesh says that the film ‘Aasami’ is sans the typical hero and heroine. “It’s ironical that instead of keeping faith in the deities and Gods/Goddesses inside the Temple, people tend to believe the priest who performs the pooja to the deities. The film is a take-off on the people’s attitude in believing whatever comes across their way. Sequences are shot in such a manner to unmask the false façade of the so-called saints,” says Ramesh.

Santhanabarathy, Pandu, Anumohan and Nellai Sia are the other actors in the movie. Jayakumar, who scored music for the Parthiban-Prakashraj-Devyani starrer ‘Sornamugi’ a few years back, returns to action with ‘Aasami’. Vasydevan takes care of cinematography while Ramesh produces the film jointly with K. Senthamaraikannan. The shooting of the film is presently on in Puducherry.



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