Shakeela and Bhuvaneswari in Pachchai Niramae Rojakkal

Shakeela Bhuvaneshwari

In what can be termed as a ‘dream combination’, Shakeela, the ‘unofficial’ queen of Indian soft-porn industry, is all set to star together with Bhuvaneswari, an actress who had been arrested by the police some time back on charges of indulging in flesh trade. The proposed film would have its own doses of ‘(s)exiting sequences’, it is reported.

Shakeela’s rein in the Malayalam film industry was so complete a decade back; so much so that even the leading megastars of Malayalam films found it difficult to face up to the ‘Shakeela’ challenge at the box-office. In Shakeela’s heydays as the ‘queen’ of Malayalam soft-porn movies, the leading ‘superstars’ would always try to ensure that the release of their films don’t clash with that of the release of Shakeela’s movies as they knew they stood very little chance of faring well.

The (middle)aged Shakeela has since taken ‘VRS’ from starring in porn films after sensing that she was getting past the age of (s)exposing. She then moved back to doing comedy roles Tamil films, a place where she started her career as a child. She had starred alongside the legendary MGR in one his super-hit movies ‘Enga Veettu Pillai’ as his sister’s daughter.

Bhuvaneswari, on the other hand, was arrested a couple of years back on charges of indulging in ‘prostitution’ and had been to jail and back. After serving the prison term, Bhuvaneswari shifted her base to Telugu films. The film starring the two has been named as ‘Pachchai Niramae Rojakkal’ with the tag ‘Fire has broken out’ (Neruppu Pathikichu).

As a senior artiste, obviously, Shakeela would have more footage in the film which would have liberal doses of ‘sexy and steamy sequences’. Bhuvaneswari’s role, though inferior to Shakeela’s, is also a powerful one, it is reported. Shakeel and Bhuvaneswari have starred in at lease three and one ‘very exciting and exposing sequences’, it is further informed.

Wonder what the Censors would have to say to that?



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