Shahrukh Khan says Rajinikanth is a celestial being

SRK praises Rajinikanth

Shahrukh Khan aka King Khan just can’t stop praising our Sultan for his sweet gesture of flying all the way to Mumbai. The-man-hogging-all-the limelight aka Rajinikanth shot his cameo part for Shahrukh’s Ra One in style within a promised 3 hours earlier in Mumbai.  Following which, Shahrukh’s good words were caught LIVE as he was supervising the final edit for the movie with Rajini’s daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth.

Prior to Ra One , Daddy Rajinikanth who was to kick start his big-flick Rana today on October 4th, has now got the movie rescheduled to a probable January. Rajini’s role in the movie requires some horsepower literally. The Sultan is required to buckle up on beautiful horses and dress up in lush costumes that weigh a heavy 25 kilos,(forget about the prices).It was between all this he caught up for Shahrukh’s Ra One. Pleased with the shoots an emotional Shahrukh says, “Sitting with Soundarya Rajinikanth & seeing the edit of Rajini Sir’s shoot. He [superstar] is like a celestial being – Sharukh Khan”. (Oh Shahrukh! Oh Shahrukh that’s so passé…..he’s more than celestial, more than the uncountable million stars, more deeper than the gold-mined oceans , higher than the rocket-pierced blue skies…to put it simply …OK!..IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE….. Describing THALAIVAR RAJINIKANTH…..!!! Ha Ha Ha….ROBO!) .Ok that just reminds us we are told Rajini’s cameo role in Ra One will be similar to the one in ROBOT aka ENDHIRAN (what a  great way to gift Chitti a Happy Birthday…long live Chitti… Chitti… Robot…)

 *;:??…??%^&%^334324 J …….Don’t mind …Just lost for words. (And that’s not Shahrukh Khan’s phone number)



  1. spoilers

    Ra one filmah tamil nadala odda vaika inthana plan and marketting 🙂 sharukh thambi nee valaranum.. Youtubela ad, tv ad, internetla ad, Rajini guest apperance, ipoo rajiniya pugalthachi apparum enna panna pora ?? I could sense the fear of sharukh on Ra one and his desperation. To film to be successful you have to make a film that speaks and not the activies you do now 🙂

  2. abcd

    vaidaaa … nalla periya ice’aa thooki vei. unn padam nalla oodum appo thaan. eenda ungalukku indha pozappu. ajith oru function’la sonna maari nagigana nadikka vidunga … thevai illama usupethi usupethi ranagalam aagidaadhinga. acting is a profession like any job. leave them as it is. innathuku celestial angel god ellam? I work in IT but I wont go and tell steve jobs or bill gates as god or celestial for their status. I probably will tell they are successful business men and I like their ability to bring an organization. simple’a market reach, advertisement nu sollitu podaaa. i appreciate it. god unn amma appa and pondati pillainga thaan.

  3. Sam

    Buddy, its not a charity work or public service…its cinema, they will do anything to sell it. And thats exactly what Shahrukh is doing.

  4. Ram

    Cinemala marketing pannuvanga dhaan pa, but adhukaga ippadi innoru actor kaila kaala vizhundhu avanga popularitya use pannikaradhulam konjam kevalamavae irukku. Avanukku guts irundha, avan padam mela nambikkai irundha directa market panni release pannirukalamae. Adhuvum indhalavu marketing edhuku? You know they are spending 50 crores just for marketing alone? Anyway this definitely looks like charity work done by Rajini only. 

  5. Simbu

    Dai abcd..ungappan daadi..nee IT’le iruntha steve jobs,bill gates,narayanmurthy,premji yellarayum poi pathuduviya??imagine SRK praising rajni??inspite of his ill health our thalaivar acted cameo on due respect to SRK..inturn SRK hailing him..that shows the respect rajni carriers across every where..he is indeed celestial..coolie to carpenter to conductor to villian to hero to superstar to icon to celestial..rajni pera sonna summa adhiruthule!!!!

  6. Vaibhav

    Who wrote this shitty article? What the hell is the author trying to say? Is this written in tamil and translated into english using google?

  7. selfish man

    ragini my friend….he always selfish man…nothing do anu body…he do it for him only da…just come back acting………rajini enn sunni .

  8. Rajniismygod

    Dei nee ellam enathuku da unna thamizhnu solra. Hindikarane thalaivaroda magimaiya purinjitaan ana namma oorla innum sila peru ipdi irukkinga da

  9. Binladen

    Engaluku teriyum da avuru celestial beingnu nee solli than teriyanumnu avasiyam illa. thalaivara publicityku use pannada da.

  10. Nayantara lover

    you motherfucking son of a bitch NOrth INdian….dont fukn enter Rajinikanth territory…Rajini rules the entire nation

  11. Guest

    This guy is just an actor, who entertains you for a price. Take care of your family people, show all these affection to an actor shows your insecurity, show dedication, love and affection to your parents, wife, kids and your friends. Grow up. Who cares.

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