Shahrukh Khan plays Tamil geek in Ra.One Still

Shahrukh Khan plays Tamil geek in Ra One

The much anticipated flick of the season which will have King Khan and Thalaivar Rajinikanth being paired together has popped up with some fresh updates. While SRK is planning for another trailer for this upcoming Vovozula keeping in mind the zillions of Rajiniacs, we have news that the Bollywood prince will don a special role of a Tamil geek in the movie named Shekhar Subramaniam.

SRK is seen dressed in a spotless white slack shirt and a befitting Veshti (Dhoti) to complete his Tamilian looks. Moreover he has even gone ahead and added some twangy curls to his hair as they hang loosely drenched in Super Coconut oil ( Headlines : SRK is appointed the brand ambassador for Super Coconut oil….. every one attending the first come first show for Ra.One will get a pack free from SRK himself…)   He has also gone for a sleek pair of slippers with his super hero eyes hidden behind red-framed glasses (desperately trying to convince that he does look every bit Tamil…..hmm….you could have worn those rounded ones…). The technology obsessed Shekhar Subramaniam does have an interesting role in the movie as he holds the job of designing video games as he comes up with new ideas every now and then, working away at his techno-lab. (That’s some profession…Another reason …why we just love movies)

So it’s not just Rajini’s saving act, there is definitely an added pinch of South for every one in this upcoming big release.





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