Shahrukh Khan gifts Rajinikanth a BMW 7 series car

Shahrukh Khan gifts Rajinikanth a BMW 7 series car

 Shahrukh Khan gifts Rajinikanth a BMW 7 series carKollywood star Rajinikanth recently made a Bollywood move agreeing to star for a cameo role in Shahrukh Khan starrer Ra.One. The movie was an effort from SRK’s side to spread his fan base down South with the actor even donning the role of a techno-geek Tamilian  in the movie. Moreover he even had an exclusive audio launch for the said dream project with veteran Director Mani Ratnam and wife Suhasini giving the actor a warm welcome.

Moving on to the 4th week run at the theaters, Shahrukh   seems quite a happy man with his handwork paying off finally. Known to be a one man show be it his movies or the marketing for the same, Ra.One has turned out to be yet another star shining bright for the Bollywood King. Now it is heard that the big hearted Khan, wants to share the success of Ra.One with his dear co-stars too. As a token of thanks, SRK will gift Rajini with a BMW 7 series car for making his Ra.One a grand success. Readers might recall that Rajini was advised rest by doctors when he left for the Ra.One shoots, and on completing the Chitti Robot sequence for the movie  SRK even went ahead and called Rajini a ‘celestial being.’

A BMW 7 series car… Rajinis gonna make this baby fly ! uh …Literally Rajini style… 🙂



  1. prata

    rich peopple gifting each other bmw`s. wow. no one cares about the average poor people without proper food, shelter, food, education living in the slums amidst dirt filth leading a hard poor life struggling to meet ends need. yet go crazy when these people release their movies and support them, and contribute to their economic revenue, but all these guys do is act make money use it all on their families, and wasting it on hi end luxury stuff. if these people had the hearts especially rajini in politics he has the power to bring about a huge change in india, remove poverty do alot ofgood for the poor, needy, orphaned etc. but after all he is a human who wants to enjoy his money fame and riches, and luxurious life. its a pity these people worship rajini like a huge hero equivilent to god. Only when the mindsets of such indians, change will they pave a way for a better India better world for themselves. And only if such rich filthy people cared about india spread their wealth bring about change help people, this goes to political people too will then India get its true freedom. I`m not trying to criticise anyone here but just pointing out the mere sad truth. I hope whoever reads this comment thinks and spreads the message around. Lets save the people of india. Lets Save OUR INDIA. JAI HINDH  !!

  2. CT

    thoo..its NOT a gift..nobody would gift this idiot any car – its a SALARY for working in the film – close to 35 lakhs…

  3. Aravind

    prata u r correct…. flim stars make huge amount of money bcas of stupids like us……just we should look them as entertainment not idolise them and praise them…….its their profession and they exploit us…..its better to enjoy their acting to relax us……our flim follwers are the most stupid human beings in whole world… super star or ilyaa thalapathi will save anybody…..we have to be more sensible………after a long time i am seeing a sensible comment for a reader…….

  4. suren

    i would give this car to your father, if he not give birth like you kind of idiot……………………… 😉

  5. Fulani

    What an idiot. SRK makes money from the poor people by asking them to fork off their hard earned income to watch his movies. Then takes that money and buys a BMW for yet another ultra rich guy. This news would have been better if it read “SRK sells his BMW and donates that moeny to find shelter for the homeless in TamilNadu”.

  6. Pradeep

    What a F*** who is ur GOD, first treat ur parents as ur GOD. At least give water for them, actors are working only for them

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