Shaam sheds 25 kgs weight for 6 Candles

Shaam loses weight for 6 Candles

Actor Shaam is said to be playing the role of his life time in his upcoming film which has been strangely titled as 6 Candles; in fact, the film’s title doesn’t bear any letters but only depicts a logo bearing six candles. After playing a significant role in last year’s Thillalangadi as a tough cop, Shaam makes an earnest effort to bounce back into reckoning as a hero.

The trend of ‘rehearsing’ the sequences to be shot has been on the rise in Tamil films of late. The act of ‘rehearsing’ sequences prior to going to the shooting spot eliminates unnecessary retakes and makes it easy for the spot-boys, light-men, cinematographer, director and for the artistes involved. Shaam’s 6Candles has joined the bandwagon and rehearsed many sequences recently.

A 10-day ‘workshop’ was organized by the director for the artistes to shoot the remaining portions of the film. Most sequences of the film have already been shot, with the climax portion likely to be shot in Nagari in Andhra Pradesh. Shaam,Poonam Kaur and other actors including a child artiste, who plays a major role, took part in the workshop conducted under the aegis of the director.

Commenting on the ‘workshop’, Shaam said that the practice of rehearsing sequences prior to the start of the actual shooting schedule was indeed helpful in more ways than one. “It reduces the work burden at the shooting spot,” he said. Poonam, said “Rehearsing prior to shooting was a first-time experience for me and it was a very unique and enjoyable experience indeed. It gives me the confidence to perform well when the actual shooting takes place.”

The film, which has dialogues penned by popular author Jayamohan, is being directed by Durai and has music by Srikanth Deva. The film’s script is based on incidents occurring in 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours and 6 days (thank God, it’s over!). For his role in the film, Shaam has reportedly shed 25 kilos of his weight under the guidance of a medical team!


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