Senthil accuses Vadivelu of launching a false campaign


Remember Senthil, the burly comedian who acted as side-kick to ace comedian Goundamani in more than 100 films during the eighties and the nineties? Now out of favour with producers and directors for the past few years, the bald-headed Senthil has just entered the campaign fray to seek votes in favour of the opposition AIADMK and its allies.

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Senthil, who has been campaigning in and around Madurai in support of the opposition-led alliance, has said that Vadivelu’s diatribe against Vijayakanth is totally ‘unacceptable’ as it only reflected the comedian’s vengeful attitude borne out of a minor ‘difference of opinion’ with Vijayakanth.

He urged the people to bring back Amma and AIADMK to power with a thumping majority as only the ever-escalating prices of essential commodities would be brought back to normalcy. Vadivelu’s remarks won’t cut much ice with the public as they are aware of his double standards, Senthil added.

Senthil further said that the ruling party in the State did nothing to prevent the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils though they had the ‘power’ to control the Central government’s actions. He also termed as ‘funny’ DMK MP Kanimizhi’s reported statement that if something bad happened to her, ‘Amma’ would be wholly responsible.

All along his campaign, Senthil managed do draw huge crowds, which cheered each and every word of him.


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