Selvaraghavan to Marry Gitanjali Raman

Selvaraghavan-Gitanjali Raman
Selvaraghavan-Gitanjali Raman

We had revealed last year end, Selvaraghavan after his separation from his former wife actress Sonia Agarwal in March 2010, and  remained single for a few months has found his lady love soon.

Love blossoms again for Selvaraghavan

Now the latest, it  is confirmed , Selvaraghavan is all set to marry Ms.Gitanjali Raman, in June  2011, the engagement is to take place in Feb.2011, read his e-mail addressed to the media.

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview we did with Selvaraghavan who seemed very open and in praise for his girl throughout; he never missed a chance to thank the gorgeous lady who has made rosier than ever for him.

We heard you are getting married to Gitanjali is it true Sir?

“Yes .I have found true love and it is bliss. I will be getting engaged to Geetanjali very shortly. Although she is not from the film industry but she means everything to me. In her, I’ve found happiness and love.”

For those who don’t know yet 23-year-old Geetanjali, has done a course in filmmaking and is now assisting Selva in Irandam Ulagam starring Dhanush and Andrea.

Wow, tell us, did your relationship get stronger during the shooting for the movie?

Well, Geetanjali is an angel who came into my life and set it right. I was going through bad times and was not able to concentrate on my work. Geetanjali pulled me out of this pit that I’d fallen into. She made me a better person. I have become more responsible and professional in my outlook after she entered my life. I think Geetanjali is perfect for me. She radiates positive energy, which has rubbed off on me.

So who spoke the golden words first was it you or her?

“It still remains a mystery who first said that wonderful line — ‘I love you’. It sort of happened due to God’s grace.”

Selva later in the day e-mailed to the media, on his new relationship

Dear media friends

I take great pleasure in thanking my friends in the media for the tremendous support given to me since my days of Thulluvatho Illamai. You have guided, encouraged and motivated me to come out with my best. Your support and patronage till my latest Ayirathil Oruvan has been phenomenal.

Today, I wish to share a couple of developments in my personal and professional front. I am currently directing a movie titled Irandam Ulagam starring . Dhanush and Andrea. Nearly 70 per cent of the movie is complete.

Also I take this opportunity to share some good news. That is of my marriage to Ms.Gitanjali Raman, daughter of Advocate General Mr. P.S. Raman.

Our engagement will take place in February and the wedding in June. Once the dates are finalised, I will personally call on my friends in the media and share the joy.

Thanking you
Director Selvaraghavan



  1. Vasin

    I don’t like this guy; repelling. But he has worked hard to win a nice young girl.

    Hey Gents

    Now stop wailing; don’t bring culture and all that. Cheer him.

  2. aravind

    What to cheer him????i donno much abt him….he is not that much suitable for real life..he is wonderful director and story writer but he looks like a psycho…

  3. Vasin

    Ha Ha. Yes mate he looks like a psycho but look at that girl she looks so fresh and happy. He must be good at something!

  4. aravind

    Time only have to prove whether he would be successful or not…….i guess he is not steady minded person…

  5. gal

    first time i agree with vasin.. both looks happy now and hopefully stay happy after marriage.. looks like he likes chubby girls.. anyway we cant blame him alone for the divorce as we would not know wat happened in their life.. but hey i thought he was with andrea? all tat rumours then?

  6. Vasin


    Back to basics; why should we worry for others? Eanna ithu nambalukum nadakathunu enna nichayam; apdithane? But I think we overdo it.

  7. Vasin

    Just not chubby… the guy has good taste. Sonia is a sexy girl even with a fattish unathletic body and a not so youthful gum structur; gum is a good indicator of people’s real youth and health. This girl too looks well filled and so good in her mouth. 

  8. Vasin

    Just not chubby… the guy has good taste. Sonia is a sexy girl even with a fattish unathletic body and a not so youthful gum structure; gum is a good indicator of people’s real youth and health. This girl looks well filled and very attractive on her mouth

  9. remen

    i always followup with the exact news.
    when they (selva-sonia) near to split,our talaivar also try to convince them to stay together and to avoid divorce.
    first of all they split bcoz of andrea.
    sonia said,when andrea starting to act in aayirathil oruvan,selva and andrea become very close and she always help him and care abt him.
    then,once they split,he feel happy to continue his relationship with andrea.
    now he get another chance by another yonger girl.
    wait and see what will happen/////////////////

  10. layamaya

    now a days marriage are fixed depend upon the money  there is no love ,etc nothing all are need some reason to avoid some people so selva also did the same things any way here after try to behave a good husband to your new wife ( i am worried about geethanjali

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