Selvaraghavan receives threats from Ulagam producer

Selvaraghavan is helpless
Selvaraghavan is helpless

Selvaraghavan has now received threats from a producer who is making a movie titled Ulagam which has comedian Vadivelu in 25 different avatars. The so called producer has a firm hold in politics too and when he came to know about the fact that Selvaraghavan is making a movie titled Erandam Ulagam the said producer decided to threaten Selva demanding a title change.

He reasons that the name is creating much confusion and made it very clear to Selva that if the name is not changed soon he will have to get things done himself .Now Selva surely doesn’t want to take the risk whatsoever and we heard that he has decided to make a change soon.

The movie Erandam Ulagam has Dhanush and the very gorgeous Andrea as the lead pair.

A perfect example cementing the fact that “Power corrupts“, isn’t it?



  1. anonymous

    This happens in Tollywood too..Recent example – the fight between Kalyan Ram (Nandamuri clan) and director Gunasekhar (Varudu movie) over the title Kathi..Due to pressure from NTR family, Gunasekhar (who appealed to others in Tollywood to intervene and got no +ve response) gave up the title..Then ‘Kalyan Ram’ Kathi movie came out and was huge flop LOL..Gunasekhar had the last laugh then..Hope same thing happens here too..Damn corrupt politicians making a nuisance everywhere..

  2. illayaraja

    selvaraghavan is real mental man. i advied my son yuvan not associate with this mental man. his sonia had affir with yuvan. selva brother is good man. total selva family is werset family

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