Selvaraghavan Geetanjali Engagement Stills

director-selvaraghavan--Geethanali engagement-stills

Director Selvaraghavan and his sweetheart Geetanjali got engaged today. Their families had decided this to be a very private event exclusive to their closest relatives at Geetanjal’s residence

The couple’s parents Mr. and Mrs. PS Raman and Mr. and Mrs. Kasturi Raja were present as expected along with the whose who of Kollywood with Rajnikanth and Family, Kamal Haasan and Gauthami, Reemasen, Vikram,Venkatesh, Rana Daggubatti, Yuvan Shankar Raja.  Mani Ratnam and his wife Suhasini, cinematographer Ramji, Alagarperumal, producer G Dhananjayan, Ram Kumar and many others were also spotted at the function.

Dhanush unfortunately could not make it for the function as he was shooting in Karaikudi for Venghai.

Gitanjali who completed her graduation in film direction joined Selvaraghavan’s team as an assistant director through a common friend. The couple went head over heels for each other during the shoots for Erandam Ulgam and will soon get married by June 2011.

We wish them luck on this auspicious occasion.

Selvaraghavan and Geetanjali Engagement Stills

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