Selvaraghavan and Kamal to give an action thriller

Selva and Kamal to give an action thriller movie
Selva and Kamal to give an action thriller movie

Selvaraghan is having the great time of his life.The director recently got engaged to his sweetheart after the couples were smitten by the love bug while working together for Erandam Ulgam .The couple will be getting married as of 3rd of July 2011 in Chennai.

2011 will be a special year for Selva for an another reason all together as he will fulfill his dream of directing Kamal Haasan in a movie which is untitled as of now. The flick will have Yuvan Shankar Raja scoring the music and the script surely seems to be an interesting one after Kamal was taken aback the first time he heard the script. We got news that Kamal being the perfectionist he is,  has already starting preparing for his role.In fact he was  seen working out to get himself back in shape and get rid of all that extra chubbiness by hitting the gym.

Now can we expect an action-thriller movie from Selva and Kamal.


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