Seeman’s ‘Kobam’ with Vijay

Seeman to direct Vijay
Seeman, a fierce supporter for rehabilitating the internally displaced Sri Lankan Tamils, is going to be direct Vijay’s 53rd film.

The film is tentatively titled as “Kobam” which will be produced by Kalaipuli S Dhanu under the banner of V Creations.

While Kollywood rumors earlier suggested that this project was dropped off, Seeman has recently confirmed the news.

Director Seeman known for making films brimmed with powerful themes and indeed had openly mentioned that main league of actors don’t want to experiment with exceptional roles.

Seeman said, “It will have Vijay working for the fire brand for the first time. True to its title ‘Kobam’ this film will also show its anger against the non-performing system which is glitter out side but rotten inside. It will have progressive messages relevant for the youth and well wisher of the land today”
It is worth mentioning that during the audio launch of ‘Sura’, Vijay had mentioned, “I have almost performed all sort of heroisms and now it’s time to change my course of direction.”

It seems like Vijay hasn’t confirmed about his ‘3 Idiots’ remake as Gemini Film Circuit hasn’t approached him.



  1. Anonymous

    Blogger, u know how to make people to read a post… catchy title.. dont do this often and loose the credibility. goodjob though. keep writing

  2. Anonymous

    Seeman should concentrate on people issues instead of doing movies that too with a person who met rahul gandhi. Seeman should not do film hereafter

  3. Anonymous

    தன்மான தமிழ் தலைவனே விஜயை வைத்து உன்னை நீ அவமான படுத்திக்கிறதே

    என்றும் அவர் ஒரு நிலையாக இருப்பதில்லை.

  4. Anonymous

    Vijay is not a Hero, he is a comedy actor. If you want to make a comedy film Pls provide him film.
    manig sudan

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