Seeman condemns Malayalam film Raama Ravanan

Seeman condemns Malayalam film Raama RavananSeeman has condemned the Malayalam film Raama Ravanan by Biju Vattappara, which deals with the love story between a Sri Lankan Sinhalese woman and a Tamil Tiger activist, is based on a famous novel by acclaimed writed Madhavikutty. The film stars Suresh Gopi in the lead as Tamil Tiger Thiruchelvam.

The movie’s special screening for media persons took place in Chennai recently. The protest against Rama Ravanan began when it was known that the movie deals with the Tamil-Eelam conflict. Apparently, the film shows Tamilians in poor light while Sri Lankans and Buddhism were praised.

According to a press note from director Seeman, the film is based on improper facts. Seeman had warned that Rama Ravanan should not be screened in Tamil Nadu failing which there would be protests all round the world where it will be screened.

In a press meet convened in Kochi on June 10, director Biju Vattappara said that the film had been made with the best of intentions and there was no ulterior reference to Tamils in them. If only Seeman had seen the film, he would not have made this accusations, Biju said.



  1. Anonymous

    you malayalis….better mak a film which fits and encompass about the people from your origin….don't mess up with us tamizhs, and jus leave us alone…..

  2. Anonymous

    fucker malayalees. they are only half related to tamils. menon and nair and namboodiri are not related to tamils. only ezhavas are chera dynasty ancestral clans.

  3. Anonymous

    Tamil Community will never unite, they will have thousand groups operating in one street.

    When some one mocks Tamil,we happily accept saying, Vantharai vazha vaikkum tamilagam,

    Now Seeman is giving voice, we should not supprt him as we are tamilians, who are known to bring down fellow tamilians.

  4. Anonymous

    The director of the movie did not collect enough information to fit and encompass about the Tamil people. The director however chose to ignore the facts, and portray Tamils as inferior. The movie should be banned.

    And is retarted how one commented "Tamil community will never renuite.." Its cause of people like you that are so ignorant and fools out of their own minds, that Tamils cannot unite. Start voicing against the negativity portrayed to Tamils at every aspect, so the Tamil community can grow stronger instead of feeding off of the negativity, and bringing down the community.

  5. Anonymous

    the people who said seeman is doing this for popularity will say the samething here.

    I am not a supporter of Seeman or dont know about him. but, if he is not doing this, who will do it. even if he is doing it for popularity, let him do it; he is atleast doing for tamil respect.

  6. Anonymous

    well friend . i like your comment
    ya tamil should reach all over the
    world.any one should take response
    if we dont do this some as*ho** will
    scold our nativity.
    i will screw them who are all scolding tamil and tamilians
    bleddy shit.
    we should give our voice to save our tamil

  7. Anonymous

    you think malayalees are very welcoming,
    they are one of the casteist. importantly, nair, menon, namboodiri.

  8. Anonymous

    What is wrong with Seeman ?? For his political career in Tamizh Nadu, he is obstructing peace in Srilankha. Seeman mind your business stop using our cause for your selfish motives… have some shame and get lost from our lives. LIVE us ALONE! We want Peace in nonviolence way. you're creating trouble for us! You guys have never visited Srilankha and you have no knowledge about it …. Tamizh is an official language besides Sinhalese … every road is written in Tamizh letters.. for all Tamizh festivals we have holidays … the number one rich person in Srilanha is a Tamizh, the vice captain of Srilankha is Tamizhan … you guys are selfish assholes who uses our cause for your selfish motives ….

    Down with people of Tamizh Nadu… ! Why can't you guys learn something from other tamizhargal like the ones in Singapore, malaysia, South Africa and Mauritius? You guys are like the crazy pakistanis who do not want real peace in Afghanistan … but use their cause for selfish motives and personal gains! Seeman Ozhiga! He kills us every minute with out actually killing us…he is worst than Sinhale Army!

  9. Anonymous

    Oh yeah seeman you will protest all over the world ….try protesting in Cannada we Tamizhargal will cut your balls and give it to you…. you are a selfish asshole who uses our name and cause for your political milage ….

    We want peace and someone bloody take a step towards it … we are fed up of war… our children are tired of holding machine guns and grenades… it is time that they take pens and books for a change-for a better life for all!

  10. Anonymous

    SEEMAN…u think u r the savior of the entire tamil population on earth? We all know you do this for political reasons mate…with people like you our tamil nadu will never progress, tamils will never live peacefully! Get a life dude!

  11. guruasdf

    You tamil fellow fools. You are telling everywhere that Seeman has political reasons can you explain it, don't blankly say political reason. You persons will never fight for tamils and never allow other tamilans to fight for justice. Ask human rights and UNESCO they will tell how cruel Sinhalese are. Seeman can continue as a director and earn money or he can join in DMK or ADMK to live a luxurious life but he never did that he is fighting alone for tamil people and karunanidhi arrested him and imprisoned him in jail for more than a month, why the hell seeman wants to suffer or why prabakaran wants to sacrifice his family and friends and die in Srilanka? Do you think all these people are just enjoying the struggle. Don't you know that rest of the world are thinking tamils as bullshit? the malayalies are cheating us without giving water to Vaigai from periyar dam, mean while your saviour karunanidhi and his sons were celebrating their birthdays for more than a month of time. Kannada peoples are beating and stamping on your Pen*s without giving water to tamilnadu. Jaiyalalitha, karunanithi, soniya everybody are here for enjoying political benifit. You people are closing your mouth and allowing it. But when a tamilan seeman is fighting for tamils you are blaming him that he is doing all this for political reason, why not you people shut your mouth now and allow him to proceed.

  12. Anonymous

    "Seeman had warned that Rama Ravanan should not be screened in Tamil Nadu failing which there would be protests all round the world where it will be screened."
    inga paarunga… indha padathai, tamil naatula release panna… naanga ulagam poora… USaiyum serthu… visa vaangi poiyaavathu mariyal pannuvome… What a comedy….

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