Seeman Arrested under Sec IPC 153

Seeman Arrested under Sec IPC 153

Tamil Nadu police have arrested and detained film director and the leader of “Naam Tamilar” political party Seeman Monday allegedly for inciting violence by speaking against the Sri Lankan government and came down heavily on countries opposing the UN panel set up to probe allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka., and a case was filed against him under Sec IPC 153 for inciting violence and indulging in acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.

The Police had launched a search for seeman on Saturday. When a police team went in search of him, Seeman was not at the house. His mobile phone too was found switched off. We are looking for him,” a senior police officer was quoted saying while Seeman’s lawyer insisted that his client was not on the run.
Later Seeman was arrested today before he could make public his report of the killing of 561 innocent fishermen from Tamil Nadu by Sri Lanka Navy ,in a press conference in Chennai, Seeman while being take away said that there is no point in arresting a person who urges Tamil Nadu and Central governments to solve the problems of Tamil Nadu fishermen without attempting to find a just solution .

The court has also directed Seeman to be detained in remand prison until the 23rd of July, following which Seeman, was taken to Puzhal prison first, and was later transferred to Vealoor jail for reasons unknown.

Fifty fishermen from Tamil Nadu were injured when they were attacked allegedly by Sri Lankan Naval personnels while fishing off Katchathivu Island, PTI reported Sunday, citing Indian Fisheries department officials.



  1. Anonymous

    people like above fellow irukiradhu naaala dhaan , 500 meenavargal kolla pattalum govt onnum kekkadhu, idhuve rendu north indians australia adi vaanginaaa, central sound kodukkum..

  2. Indianan (tamilan)

    hmm enthamathri allu eruntha indiaveya pla thnunda mathrivan,,,gandhi…barathi..evangealam kastapatu vangi thantha sukandra manai arisial pannara naey sutu koolanum

  3. Anonymous

    no use of tat sound in central govt…..still indians r being attacked in australia….. so it doesnt make any difference whethr its central or state govt,…….but these people in the name of "freedom of speech" invoke violence among people…..ivanoda speech keatu rendu paeru soda bottle edupanunga….bull shit!!!

  4. Anonymous

    no history book talks indian independce was won by Bharathi or any tamilian in that case, except tamil nadu text books.

    If u say you are a tamilian in karantaka who might bashed,
    u r called as Madhrashi and looked down as a third class in the rest of the part.

    Independence was all won by west and north india leaders alone as far as i know.

  5. Anonymous

    i dont know whether he is correct or wrong,

    please do not kill people live your life and let others live in Peace

  6. Anonymous

    தமிழன் இல்லாத நாடில்லை !!!!!

    தமிழனுக்கே என்று ஒரு நாடில்லை!!!!!!!!!

    தமிழன் குரலை கேட்க ஒருவருமில்லை!!!!!!!!!!!!

    தமிழ்-ஈழம் அரசியல் செய்து சுய லாபம் சேர்க்க தவறுவதில்லை!!!!!!!


  7. Anonymous

    Nice lines karthik, i ve heard many of them say this

    தமிழ்-ஈழம் அரசியல் செய்து சுய லாபம் சேர்க்க தவறுவதில்லை!!!!!!!

    sorry i do not know what is the benefit these guys get

  8. Anonymous

    தமிழ்-ஈழம் அரசியல் செய்து சுய லாபம் சேர்க்க தவறுவதில்லை!!!!!!!

    what is the benefit these guys get please some one explain.

  9. Anonymous

    ;-), no one will be able to give you an complete answer,
    Relation —> Seeman Targets Sinhaleese in Srilanka and Brahmin Community in Tamil nadu.
    And the Sinhaleese and Brahmins hate Seeman,

    It is assumed politicians like vaiko,Ramdossu,Seeman are paid by the LTTE supported living abroad,karunanidhi was also in this list, of late people do not include him in this list.

  10. Anonymous

    shut up all of you idiots. if you don't know what you are talking about then go and hide your ugly faces in the sand.

  11. Anonymous

    Ghandhi and M.L.K jr faced "white-collared" opponents/criminals which is why "non-violence was easy". Tamil people are not having the same luck. Anyone who says "Preach non-violence and live by it" I dare you to watch your sister and mother getting raped in front of you by bunch of thugs and your whole family burn't alive right in front of you "then try livng by the code of non-violence". Everyone who thinks India as "Bharath Maatha" (yes I was an Indian)ask yourself what has the country done for the well being of itself? It's been 62 years since freedom and has your country improved or degraded? Your country is plauged by foreign investments which all of you are craving on. Your country has a very short time unless you the people take action on your own. Stop denying the truth and learn to live with it. It's people like Seeman who makes the difference and you all hate em'. look at the irony (The person who wants to make a change for Tamil is being imprisoned and hated most by his own people)

  12. Anonymous

    pottu thakku… ivana veliya vidavae kudathu… ivanum alayum paru…… inga ukanthukutu chumma pechula onnum kuraichal illa… poi irukura makkal ha kapathuratha vittutu…kural kodukuran… mairu kudukuranu..poi athuku un uyir ha koduthu iruntha meethi irukura makkal avathu nall irupanga… ivan pesiyae 50 percent people ha konnutan… ithula pathathuku support vera…kasukaga maradikura oru kuppan da intha seeman… avanoda orginality poi partha theriyum…. fuck off guyzzzz…

  13. Anonymous

    Seeman is a bastard … he is using using tamil sentiments to achieve his goals …. he has no concern for the tamil people who are living in south Srillanka. His proactive speeches is making a lot of Tamizhargal in Columbo to be looked like terrorists. Look at Mutthaiah Muralidharan is he not the vice captan of Lankha team?? Why do you have Lankan Cricketer in Chennai Super Singers ?? Mudunja andha kamanatiya thukkidunga! Tamil is better with out this bastard who has no concern for the actual cause!

    Stop comparing Gandhi with Seeman …. it is like comparing your mother with a street prostitute!

  14. Anonymous

    I hope your anger is causing you to say all the wrong things or you just don't know what you are talking about.
    It is NORTH OF Srilanka – South is where the sinhala murderers live.
    COLOMBO – Not Columbo
    Chennai Super Kings – not Super Singers (but this is also a good music talent program hahaha)
    whatever it is WE LOVE SEEMAN

  15. Anonymous

    Your so fucking ignorant! You do not even know where Tamil people live in srilanka. And you talk about protecting tamil People ! Biggest joke of the year!

    What ever it is he is a asshole and we thoroughly enjoy hating seeman and on his death we party to the core!

  16. Anonymous

    i dont mind people hating some person, but with no reason???, I see ppl posting hate messages and accusing him of personal political gain without any proof or evidence.
    So u ppl are just being prejudice. So all u pll who hate him for no reason f'off, stop spreading your prejudicial mind around.
    As for me I stand on the side of Seeman (He may or may not have personal motives, I dont know) as long as he is asking questions that no one else will, he has my support. Rock on Seeman, We stand by you


  17. Anonymous

    though this guy's intentions are questionable, the center doesn't really care about the plight of the fishermen.

  18. Anonymous

    Save your celebrations, We will party like hell wen Tamil Eelam is born. Meet all Tamil's in Tamil Eelam.


  19. Anonymous

    dai neenga ellam paduchvaengaala pooai buuthia thetukaangal….

    purikirathaa…………paducha muttallkaala…

    no history book talks indian independce was won by Bharathi or any tamilian in that case, except tamil nadu text books.

    If u say you are a tamilian in karantaka who might bashed,
    u r called as Madhrashi and looked down as a third class in the rest of the part.

    Independence was all won by west and north india leaders alone as far as i know.
    leader's didn't argue like this and if they done it ..
    u wont be talking like thi s

  20. Anonymous

    Seeman is number one asshole, Sri Lankan war was going on since 35 years, that time where seeman was hiding. that fucker is selfish only.

    Dear Tamil people pls do not lisnt what seeman is tellying. he is idiot

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