See Mottai Venkat Prabhu

See Mottai Venkat Prabhu

Venkat ! That’s a hair raising look… oh jeez where’s it all vanished?

We had earlier told you about the Mankatha team playing the Bushy Mankatha GAME, as they not-so-neatly preserved their facial hair for the final cut. The team spearheaded by their captain Venkat Prabhu had some additional credits under his ‘face’, as he proudly sported a 10-inch long beard while calling for the shots.

On August 31st the day of Mankatha release, the entire crew headed to Tirupathi, offering darshan to Lord Balaji for Thala’s 50th release as they soon rushed back to be greeted with the good news. As Venkat and friends swept of their shaggy looks Mankatha swept theaters with new records being created and old ones being trimmed to shame. The movie has received the biggest opening for any Thala film and has generated positive responses from even small centers, demanding to put up more shows just to catch Thala’s “f****** GAME.” An elated Venkat said, “Thank u all for the love and hate you showered on me!!! I am really really happy u guys loved our movie!!”

Hey Venkat! we want to Thank you instead! for your clean-cut efforts.




  1. kolly muttai

    padam edukra producer mottai pottu dhan pathrukom.. aana ippo dhan first time director motai potu pakrom… super mokkai… ajith acting is nice but padam mokaya iruku….. neraya dialogue theva illama varudhu

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